Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dec Daily: Our Christmas (and a handprint canvas)

This year, Christmas was spent at home with family, and we had dinner out as we had to send my MIL to the airport as she was flying back. Here's some shots I want to remember amidst our usual chaos:

Our Christmas reads. 

Papa fixing up Lil J's truck.

Junior J read the tags and helped give out the presents. 

One of our nutcrackers, which followed us home from Germany. 

These Christmas themed ATCs make lovely decorations. I wish I had time to make more!

The boys helped to make handprint canvases as presents to their grandparents this year. We used their handprints to form a Christmas tree, and they glued down buttons and bling as decorations.

Even baby J helped (his is that blob of green paint right at the top), but he cried so much and refused to open his hand! The trees are topped with stars cut out from air-dry clay and outlined with glitter glue. I hope the grandparents liked it!

So here's wishing everyone a blessed blessed Christmas! I hope you had a lovely time with friends and family.

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  1. Really lovely christmas scenes! I'm sure the gramps loved their cards.



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