Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Daily: Back home

For the past two days, it was like being on a staycation: meals served in bed, being able to sleep without being kicked in the tummy by some little feet, no laundry to do and no poopy butts to wash. Clean sheets every day. I could surf the net without having little fingers banging constantly on the keyboard. The corridor outside my room was beautifully decorated with handmade Christmas decorations. If I needed any help, I just had to press a button. My main little companion slept most of the time, and any discomfort was bearable with painkillers.

Then we came home today. To a pile of laundry waiting to be put back, to toys strewn on the floor. To little boys who had all needed a piece of Mama before bedtime. To exploding diapers that you had to change on your own, and bottle washing. To tantrums and everyday messes.

But if you give me a choice between the two, I'd still pick the latter. While I enjoyed my "rest" and stay in hospital, it was a little too quiet. I missed the boys, and I missed home. So now we're back, and its time to try to get into a new regular rhythm. Meanwhile, I'm really thankful for all the help we've been getting from our parents (we opted not to hire a confinement nanny), and I'm glad the hubs is on leave for this week and the next to help out. We'll see how everyone settles in I guess!

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