Friday, February 14, 2014

Homeschool: Our routine right now

We've more or less settled into a routine these days, and it looks something like this:

Baby usually is the first to wake and he gets his feed. Then he gets playtime in the cot, while I quickly hop into the shower and then prep breakfast. (I'm hoping to wake up earlier, but it has not been happening these days. But I'm still trying!)

Usually the boys then wake (or I go into their room and wake them!), and we have breakfast after praying. We read a couple of books at the table too. They help me to clear the breakfast dishes, and we head downstairs. Most days its to the playground or for walks. Sometimes we take the scooters down. Sometimes we head to the market. 

Then it's back home, where we usually read books. Sometimes, they get activities. Most days it's just reading.

We've started attending a co-op that has weekly meetings at the zoo.
This was one of the accompanying activities that Junior J tried after one visit.

Then I go off to cook lunch while the boys play on their own. They are pretty good at playing on their own and come up with all sorts of imaginary scenarios, ranging from picnics to being beavers building a dam.

Lunch is usually very simple, and I aim to get cooking done in 20 minutes. If I take too long, the kids start melting down and asking for snacks. Which you know means they spoil their appetite for lunch! The boys usually eat pretty fast since they are hungry.

Usually we have pasta or noodles for lunch. Simple to cook!

Then they potter about after helping me to clear the table, and after awhile Lil J goes down for his nap. Recently, he's learnt how to nap on his own. On a good day I put a diaper on him, settle him in his bed and leave the room, and he falls asleep on his own. (Let's not go into what happens on a bad day.) Meanwhile, Junior J gets to watch an episode of Magic School Bus or Berenstain Bears, and once Lil J is settled I bathe baby J. If dinner is something that needs a couple of hours of simmering/baking, I start preparing the food, and Junior J sometimes joins me to help.

We then have "mama school" where Junior J does a lil phonics, writing and reading. Sometimes we have more time before Lil J wakes and we play games. Usually we don't, since I also have to settle the fretting baby, so I just aim to complete the phonics and reading bit.

I love how this game allows them to practice math!

Lil J gets a cup of milk after he wakes and we read a couple of books. Then they get to be messy with art and craft. Some days its just paints and paper and their creativity, some days they get craft to do.

Junior J washes up the brushes and palette, they get their baths, and then they play on their own while I prepare dinner. Some days they get cranky and get into fights, and usually that is when I give them some blocks or building stuff for them to play with to keep them occupied. 

What I've realized recently is that the hour before dinner is usually when the kids are the crankiest and the most prone to fighting (and violently at that). And having to break up fights usually means dinner is delayed, which tends to lead to more crankiness. So I find that its best to get one boy to help in the kitchen while I cook, while the other one plays on his own. 

Dinner gets cooked and we eat. Usually hubby is home in time for dinner, if not, we start without him. Then its free play again, and the hubs reads to them if he is back. They clean up and keep their toys and books (usually that takes ages, since they get distracted), then read a couple more books while drinking their milk/juice. Then the hubs settles the boys, changes them and prays with them while I put baby to bed.

Thus far, having a routine really works, since we work with the boys' rhythm. We do deviate from this on some days, eg. the day we head out to the zoo, or when Junior J goes for music class (something we started him on this week, after a long long discussion!). But I'm glad to say it really helps to have a predictable rhythm! (And if you are wondering where is the baby in the whole thing, well most times he's either sleeping in the carrier or room, or sitting in his chair cooing at us. He's been quite cranky and needs to be rocked in the carrier before he can sleep, so I spend alot of time bouncing around like some crazy kangaroo while going about our day's work!)

PS: You can take a peek a typical day in the life of different mummies here! Have a blessed weekend!


  1. I really think you are one amazing mummy. I just have my baby #3 and it had been impossible to get things done.

  2. There's something enjoyable and relaxing about reading daily routine posts--although when I think about what you have to do, it must be far from relaxing! :) I used to employ the pre-dinner separation tactic too, by taking Z out in the stroller for a walk, but the general household mood has improved a bit lately. Oh, and it was fun reading through the Day In The Life series again; wonder how everyone's routine looks now?

  3. i have two and am so tired out every day. not only can you take care of all three on your own, you can teach as well! you are amazing.



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