Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Junior J's 5th: Dino party games

We played only two games for Junior J's party. Puzzle "excavation", where the kids had to dig through a tray of crepe paper to find puzzle pieces, and figure out what goes where. Sort of like how the paleontologists have to figure out which bones belong to which dinosaur. There were more than 10 puzzles in total, so it wasn't that straightforward, even though the puzzles were pretty simple in themselves! The kids had to sometimes swop pieces, so they had to work together.

I printed, laminated and cut up the puzzles and pictures from here, here and here.

Then the kids also tried their hand at excavating dinosaurs. I was contemplating using sand, but the thought of 7 kids flicking sand everywhere was quite scary! So we tried freezing dinosaur figures (from Tom and Stefanie) in containers and giving the kids spoons to chip at the ice (no forks, since they might hurt other little fingers). This took quite awhile, so our game-master poured warm water over some blocks to speed up the process a little. 

They had quite a bit of fun just banging away at the ice blocks, but also had to be careful to ensure they were chipping at the ice and not at the dino itself, in case they damaged them! And they got to bring home the dinos that they excavated out. Cleaning up was straight-forward: just a quick wipe of the floor with rags and we were done. We asked parents to bring an extra set of clothes for the kids, just in case.

There were some other games that I thought of trying. However, this was the first time we were running games, so I wasn't too sure if the kids would be interested. Thankfully, they still managed to keep themselves occupied the rest of the time!

PS: For more game ideas, pop by to this post about an awesome dino-themed party by another mum!

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