Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Home: Another reading corner

The boys have a little reading corner in their room, which has seen many hours of snuggles and books read and all sorts of imaginative play (you can read about it here).

These days though, they have been spending a fair amount of time in our bedroom, while waiting for me to be done with dressing/changing/feeding the baby. So we set up a little reading corner in our room where they can curl up with a book, while hanging out with Mama. The corner has been well used, and here's how it looks like after we were done adding all the little touches:

:: They have kid-sized retro string chairs, which we purchased in Penang. I love how comfortable these are, and how suitable they are for hot days! The boys usually lounge about everywhere when they read, but they tend to sit down in these chairs when they are in the room since they love their chairs so much! (Update: We finally brought these chairs in for sale! You can visit this link for more details.)

:: We've stored all our favourite board books here, so that I can easily grab a book to read to the baby before bedtime. Junior J often takes a book to read to both his younger brothers, and these are simple enough for him to read aloud. The books are housed in two wooden crates which we purchased from Typo during a sale, and our milk carton lamp (tutorial here) sits proudly on top of the crates.

:: I added an owl cushion from Typo, as well as a rag rug which the in-laws purchased for us from Penang. I love how these touches help to soften the area and make it more comfortable. I had expected that they would fight over the owl, and thought of getting another cushion for the other chair, but so far, they have not, so I'm slowly looking around for something nice. And I have a weakness for these rag rugs, and how they add a splash of colour to the area.

:: The alphabet poster was actually patterned scrapbook paper by October Afternoon. I loved this piece and saved it, thinking it would be lovely when framed up (the shadowbox frame is from Papermarket). I think it fits nicely in a reading corner, and is very apt since Lil J is learning his alphabets.

:: And this little picture was a personalized illustration done by an artist in Fiverr. I just can't resist hot air balloons! I printed and framed it using a frame from Daiso (these are plastic, and you have to be careful when choosing them as some have raggedly ends. Otherwise I find them so pretty, and such a steal at $2!)

The corner is really well used, and I am glad that we took the time to do it up a little!

PS: I've gotten questions about the string chairs, which come in two different sizes and are pretty sturdy. The adult-sized ones are sold in Singapore (the prices range from relatively cheap when you purchase them from those old-fashioned HDB furniture shops, to $70 in those antique/retro shops). 

However, I've yet to find the child-sized versions here, and we are thinking of bringing in some for sale in the future. The chairs usually come in three colours: A reddish pink, mint green (like ours), and blue.  If you are interested, do leave me your email in the comments, and I'll update you if we do! (Update: We finally brought these chairs in for sale! You can visit this link for more details.)


  1. Yes keep me updated on the chairs!! I love the mint colour and will see if we can fit it in our home somewhere hehe.. Until how old do you reckon the kids can sit in?

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Ai, the medium ones should be able to fit the kids comfortably til they are 8 or 9? I can actually fit in the medium chair, but it would be rather low that's all! :)

  2. Me too! I love those chairs...

  3. I love how you made the crates into a little bookcase! Didn't know Typo sold such stuff.

    I've been thinking how to decorate my daughter's room and the nursery, so these ideas really inspires me! Thanks for sharing them; especially where you've gotten them from. :)

    1. Homeschool Crafts: They do! Wait for sales before you purchase. :) Have fun decorating your girl's room!

  4. Hi,

    I would love to order the chairs in the mint colour for my boys, if you could let me know where to purchase them from or if I could purchase them from you would be great. Thank you!


    1. Carol: Ok sure, I will update you when we finalize if we are bringing these chairs in!

  5. Hi Justina,

    'have been enjoying your posts very much, especially the homeschooling ones; baby J and my little girl A are the same age too. Keen to get the chairs as well, keep me in the loop, thanks!

  6. Love what you did with the reading corner for the boys in your room.



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