Thursday, July 17, 2014

Homeschool: Far from perfect

When we started homeschooling, I imagined neatly-lined bookshelves brimming with living books, organized timetables covering all topics, and happy children sitting at the table enthusiastic to learn. Who was I kidding?

These days, I consider it a good day if we manage to read one good book, and finish lessons with Junior J (we have finished learning phonics, and he now reads aloud from books, and learns a little Chinese in the afternoon. In the mornings, we do a little math using some Montessori manipulatives). I give myself a pat on the back if I manage to get dinner on the table on time, and the kids actually eat the meal without having to be scolded, chased or fed. What used to be a workable routine has more or less crumbled with baby J becoming more mobile and napping less, and we spend a fair bit of time checking the floor to see that there is no Lego that the boy can pick up and eat!

Things have become a lot more free flow from sheer necessity. If baby manages to nap for a longer period, we squeeze in some reading or craft. If he doesn't, the boys just play a lot more on their own. We sit, books scattered about us, as we try to learn something new, as baby crawls around us, exploring. We grab little moments to teach, we try to squeeze in a book here and there, during meals, before naptime.

I've learnt that going slow gets you there quicker than going nowhere. So we juggle, we adapt, while hoping that things will get a little more settled once baby is older. Meanwhile, I am learning to put aside my perfectionist nature, and close one eye to our jumbled routines. I'd love to have my bookshelves all sorted, my study packed, my learning corners set up, my activities all planned and prepared, my home all polished into a wonderful environment for learning. But I am only human, and we can only live in the present. So we do what we can, in the time we are given, while making tiny steps towards making homeschool a little better, a little more organized, a little more engaging and fun. And I believe we will get there, with God's help, in time to come.


  1. Hi 5^! I always thought as the baby grows, I will get to enjoy more free time. But I'm wrong! Need to be constantly looking out for dangers as he is so active. Plus the fact that he's a attention seeker.

  2. I think it's also lovely how you're changing and growing in this process! We are all works in progress, and motherhood just grows us in ways we wouldn't have imagined...

    I also often see this quote "It doesn't matter how slow you are going, as long as you are moving somewhere". Same thought!

  3. You're a super mom, jus! And u do all these without a helper! Salute you! Do u intend to home school for primary level? Call us if u have play dates in mind! We're quite near to each other!

  4. You are so right. Sometimes I get frustrated with either the toddler or the newborn. Why can't you sleep? I can't get anything done! But I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I am running on their schedule and not have such high expectations of myself and all that I can achieve in a day.

  5. Completely resonate how i m feeling. Just that I'm not quite letting go of my guilt. I've so much i wanna do. Phonics n stuff. I've heaps to roll out but if no2 doesn't nap i can't do stuff. N mind u he sleeps horribly! N no.1 after settling her lunch i need to get her to nap too before sch, leaving me with zero time to do anything. Free play seems mundane coz she's always hitting on the same stuff. Realy wish things can b better. . Not tt i wanna b a perfectionist coz I'm no where near but wish i don't hv to spend so much time w chores or nagging n coaxing.



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