Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Made: My little pony (Or, how to make a baby horse hood)

When I read that the awards ceremony was going to have a derby theme, I thought it'll be fun to let baby J have something horse-related to wear! We had this old brown t-shirt that has been worn by both the older boys, and I thought I could decorate the hood to make it look like a horse. 

A quick search on Pinterest yielded me photo after photo of crocheted horse hats that were really cute. I cannot crochet to save my life, so I eye-balled some of the pictures, and cut out shapes from Daiso felt (thankfully, I managed to find black and white felt in the cupboard, since this was a last minute project!). 

The muzzle was just a semi-circle cut from black felt. I added a white rectangle above that for the forehead. The eyes were just black and white circles, while the nostrils were buttons. These were hand-sewn down (gosh, the stitches were so messy!), since I thought I could make wide stitches which would mean poking less holes in the material.

I then added ears by cutting black felt into triangles, folding them into cone shapes and sewing them down. Then I added a shock of hair at the forehead by cutting a long narrow rectangle and sewing it down in the middle, and trimming the felt into strips.

Finally, the mane was just a large black rectangle that spanned the length of the back of the hood. It was sewn down the middle, then I just trimmed the whole sheet of felt into tiny strips.

Hand-sewing was a little tedious since I'm not good at it... but I did find it rather therapeutic sitting there slowly sewing, and seeing the horse take shape. I loved how baby J looked in it. Now I have a problem: I can't bear to take off all the felt, so I'm not sure how I'm going to wash this!


  1. Don't take off the felt. Let this costume stay the way it is - it looks fabulous!!! Place it in a laundry net and throw into the washer?

  2. He looked absolutely adorable in the hoodie! *melts* Keep the hoodie as is!

  3. So cute! And congratulations you won the best family blog!! You are absolutely no 'Auntie' but a capable domestic engineer ;)

  4. Another creative master piece from you! Love it 😄

  5. Hand-sewn? Sooo seamlessly done, beautiful! And once again, congratulations for the winning=).

  6. Thank you everyone! And haha, my concern was that the colour in the felt would run. I'll try hand-washing, fingers crossed! :)

    Dragonfly: I like the term domestic engineer. :)



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