Thursday, September 18, 2014

Art Adventures: More Hama bead creations

Sunny side up, anyone? 

A fruit platter. Junior J used this picture as a template, with permission.

Junior J came  up with this on his own with his grandma:
two slices of bread, one with butter, the other with strawberry jam.
As you can see, he is rather obsessed with creating art on the topic of food,
going by these and his dim sum drawings!

These were mine, and are supposed to be coasters for the boys to use.
Junior J made the one edged in black, with some direction from me.
Lil J asked for one, so I made two others for the younger boys.

We have been crafting away with Hama beads, or at least Junior J and I have been. Here are some of the creations we've made the past week: all the food related ones are by Junior J, while I have been having lots of fun working with geometric patterns and rainbow colours. 

We're moving on to make more food items, as Junior J wants to make ice-creams next. I'm inspired to try some creations with local flavour. We'll share when we're done making those! 


  1. I love hama beads! I've not introduced to Hannah yet cause the ones at Ikea are relatively small and it can be frustrating for her (as it does for me!). I'm enjoying your project updates. :)

    1. Dawn: Yes the Ikea ones are the small ones and can be difficult for little fingers. You can start her off with the larger ones from Hama/Perler, they sell larger beads that are easier for them to handle!



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