Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Play: Shopkeeping

The boys sometimes set up shop, and pretend they are selling things. Junior J draws and makes his own money, and stuffs them in the vintage cash register that we have. They weigh things out on a weighing scale, and bring all the dinos shopping for food (that's Spiny holding his allowance, and checking out the store's produce on the bottom right).

Recently, they hired a new cashier. He was really keen on the job (or perhaps, working with the cash register). But just 10 minutes into working, they found that this new hire was going to be a challenge: he didn't speak English, he refused to return shoppers any change, and he ate most of the money. 

Then the cashier moved on to sampling the shop's food, and left the cash register open, and empty. And started biting some of the dino customers. I think that was when the shop owners decided he wasn't suited for the job!



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