Monday, September 1, 2014

Weekend Wanderings: Sensorium 360º and mucking at the mangroves

Our nature inquiry co-op decided to break from our usual outdoor trips and visited the Singapore Art Museum last week. We explored the Sensorium 360º exhibition, which showcases Southeast Asian and Asian works of contemporary art that focuses on how sensory experiences help us to understand the world and ourselves. 

There was so much to experience in the exhibition, and I think the children had a great time exploring. Most of them loved jumping around in the noon-nom exhibit, which featured soft sculptures covered in organza made to represent female breasts. Another favourite exhibit would be the Cage, which employed the use of green iodide lasers and fog machines. 

You can read about the exhibits in the guide. Sensorium 360º runs until the 22nd of October in the Singapore Art Museum. More details can be found here, and do note it is at the main building of the museum and NOT at the building on Queens Street.)

We had a really full weekend, and one of the highlights was the homeschool festival (more about that next time), as well as a visit to Pasir Ris Park. We visited the stretch of mangrove which I blogged about previously (directions and details here), and the boys had a good time just digging about and spotting all manner of wildlife. We saw fiddlers, we spotted mudskippers and various birds, and even unearthed the shell of a horseshoe crab. 

These times are the best. These are the times when the kids are up close to nature. They have space to run, to explore, to appreciate God's creation. Baby J was so busy looking around he refused to nap! 

 How was your weekend? I hope it was a blessed one.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! We went today and really enjoyed jumping on boobies! They were so comfortable! Haha. We stayed a long time at the laser room too. That was quite cool :)



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