Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lil J's 3rd: The cake and food

We were rather restricted with regards to food for Lil J's third birthday party, since he has food allergies. So we opted to buy pizzas from Casa Verde (we love their pizzas!), and made our own salad. My in-laws helped in the food prep and also helped to cut fruit, while my mum made konnyaku jelly for dessert. 

The biggest headache would be the cake, since Lil J has an egg allergy, and it is almost impossible to find eggless cakes at bakeries. Last year, we ordered a regular cake, but managed to find a slice of eggless cake for Lil J. This year, we celebrated his birthday with our co-op groups with agar agar "cakes" made by my mum. 

For the party, I opted to order a cake from Diana (whom you're probably familiar with, since she is the awesome cook/baker behind the blog, Domestic Goddess Wannabe). I requested for a chocolate mousse cake... but it could not contain any egg. And she managed to whip up a really good double chocolate mousse cake, which our guests loved! Diana provided crushed oreos separately, and I sprinkled that onto the cake as dirt, and topped the cake with mini construction vehicles. I bought this set of 5 from here, but the cake could only fit 3, so I placed the bulldozer, excavator and dump truck, which were the vehicles that Lil J requested. I DIY-ed the birthday signs using powerpoint, and printed and cut them out. Lil J was really excited that his cake had his favourite vehicles, plus that he could even eat the dirt on the cake!

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