Friday, December 5, 2014

Another year older

December is a month of birthdays. The hubs and I are born in this last month of the year, and we just celebrated baby J turning 1. It was a simple celebration: both pairs of grandparents, a home-cooked dinner, and an agar agar cake made by my mum for the little boy. He was most happy to eat it!

Anyway, this boy's birthday is really close to mine. (We were wondering if he would actually arrive on my birthday!) And so, I'm another year older, and hopefully, another year wiser.

I guess as we grow older, birthdays tend to lose their significance. But on this day, I am thankful for the year that has passed, learning how to be Mama to three little boys. It has been quite a fruitful year, and I hope that the rest of the year can be spent with family, resetting and getting ready for a new year ahead.

Here's to a blessed weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday to you, your hubby and baby J!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to an incredible mum! : ) God Bless!

  3. Carol & Growing Hearts: Thank you so much! :)



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