Friday, January 23, 2015

Our Week: Step by little step

This week the kids were sick, so we didn't get out and about as much aside from the usual morning walks. I took out our DIY latch and lock boards to keep them somewhat occupied:

Lil J is most fascinated with the locks and have been constantly fiddling with them. Baby J likes joining in to flip the latches. 

Most days, they are still happy to play on their own or together. 

Fighting amongst the three of them is common, and I guess inevitable! However, it always warms my heart when I watch them playing nicely together. 

Just the other day, the older two saw me sorting out some of the Perler beads into a box with compartments, and both insisted on helping. In the end, they took over the sorting, and spent a good half an hour putting beads into the compartments, with Junior J guiding Lil J on where to put the beads. My heart glowed, just watching them.

We also busied ourselves with party preparation, as Junior J would be celebrating his birthday with a few of his close church friends over the weekend. He helped out with the party packs, painting the bags and making tags out of Perler beads (he wanted an "under the sea" theme, because he's fascinated with sea monsters now).

The baby has been really busy getting into every nook and cranny of the house and getting into all sorts of trouble. He's also starting to stand without support, and spends a fair bit of time happily pushing the wagon around the house (usually with Lil J riding inside!) These days, he's been getting various manipulatives to play with. He's quite content to play quietly with these for quite awhile, at least until his brothers come to join in!

For the coming week, I really hope to plan more activities catered to Lil J. His learning style is very different from Junior J, being an auditory/kinesthetic learner, so I'm also learning how to engage this little boy. 

Here's to a blessed weekend!

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