Friday, February 13, 2015

Our Week: Full

It seems like our schedules are rapidly filling up! We just added swim class on top of our two co-ops, so this week felt rather hectic. Swim class went pretty well. We hardly visit the pool since it's quite troublesome to drag the kids out to the public pool. As a result, they are not very confident in the water. The coach is really nice, and spent time playing games with them to get them comfortable. Guess we'll have to head to the pool more often from now onwards!

We've been spending more time outdoors, and these days the boys are at the playground in the mornings and evenings. This week, we had an impromptu playdate at the playground with some homeschooling friends, and the boys all had a good time. 

Running around aside, there was a fair bit of building going on at home. We tried building with crystal climbers this week (these we purchased from Lakeshore Learning during their Christmas sale). I think these would be so good on a light table! 

We had various crafty things going on at home too. Painting and gluing, as well as tag making during our craft coop. 

Lil J is finally starting to show some interest in the alphabet, so he's been playing with foam stickers. He's crazy about numbers and counting, but not so fond of the letters. So these stickers (as well as various songs) are helping him to learn!

The week ahead is going to be a busy one since I'm hoping to do lots of decluttering and spring cleaning. Here's to a blessed weekend!

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  1. Big J looks so big in the pic where he's building! Like a teenager!!! 😱



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