Friday, June 3, 2016

May days, and hello June!

I know I have been talking about moving for ages, but somehow, my brain can't seem to wrap around the fact that we'll be moving soon. Like really soon. *gulp* 

We recently brought over our kitchen clock so that our contractor's guys could help drill a hook for it. The kitchen wall now looks bare without the clock, and I cannot help glancing at the space when I'm checking for the time. That empty hook keeps reminding me that our time here is running out. And time certainly has whizzed by, and we now have an almost 4 month old baby, and a home that is barely packed. I really cannot believe how we've stumbled our way into June. 

But June is here, and we bid goodbye to May. A May that was filled with renovation works and more renovation works. The kids have been paying excited trips to the new place, and had lots of fun playing hide and seek. (Check out my newly installed dishwasher below. It is rather temperamental, and has high water consumption rates. But it does give hugs and makes us laugh.)

They have had lots of fun feeding the fish in the pond too. (Small J helpfully poured an entire bottle of fish food into the pond the other day, and the older two had a field day trying to scoop up all the food with nets.)  I am so glad we'll be getting a whole lot more space for them to spread out, but I'm also dreading the extra cleaning!

One key highlight for the month was the older two taking part in the annual Homeschool Craft Fair. They worked hard, preparing their creations. They painstakingly wrote price tags and decorated their booth (that's them during our rehearsal before the actual fair). The crowd was overwhelming, and I was so proud of Junior J who stayed on to man his booth, only requesting for breaks so that he could shop and buy something for his brothers. Lil J couldn't bear with the crowd after 20 minutes, but he was delighted that everyone loved his monster magnets (Which Mama skeptically thought might not sell. Mama stands corrected.). 

Now that craft fair is done and dusted, the older two and I are busy making bead coasters for a collaborative fundraiser for Healthserve, which renders aid to migrant workers in our midst. Reading about how poorly some migrant workers are treated in Singapore really got me upset, and we are hoping to raise some funds to contribute towards Healthserve's work. Do lend us your support by purchasing a Father's Day gift set (where you would receive one of these rainbow coasters amongst other lovely handmade items), or by making a donation. You can read more details about our fundraiser here

Crafting aside, we've been trying to make more trips out as a family of six. I'm looking forward to more of these outings, once we are more settled after the move! Meanwhile, it's back to packing, packing and more packing!

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  1. I love how you're able to write so beautifully, and take such lovely photos, while you're juggling so many things at the same time. The clock analogy is so apt, and made me smile to read it. You're doing a fantastic job, Jus! Hope the move goes smoothly!



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