Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend wanderings & Monday madness

The week started off with a bang.  Literally.  I was looking for a can of mushrooms in the kitchen, opened the cupboard, and a can of beer fell off the shelf, hit me on the shoulder, smashed to the floor and burst open.  The resulting geyser from the can splashed beer everywhere, dripping off the cupboard doors and fridge and in puddles on the floor, and I was drenched in it.  0930 hrs in the morning, and I'm already smelling like some inebriated old man!  Thankfully, my mother had just come by to pass me some fruits, and could help me out with cleaning up.

Just before the "beer blast", baby J decided to keep to his trend of doing his mega-poops only when the Papa is on call (and hence would not be around to change him), and did a massive one (since he hadn't done a poop for about 6 days!) once the hubby went off to work.  He's starting to get grumpy during meal-times again, so I suspect he's teething... AGAIN.  I have no idea why this fellow is sprouting teeth like mushrooms after a monsoon, but we reasoned that if its gonna be so torturous, he might as well get it quickly over and done with!

The weekend that's past was a really quiet one, since both of us were recovering from our bout of gastroenteritis.  We were feeling better on Saturday night, so we thought we'll just go ahead with my birthday dinner at Lawry's.  The place is really nice, complete with chandeliers, candlelight and lots of gorgeous oil paintings hanging on the walls.  The food was pretty good (I won't go into details since I promised to keep food posts restricted to Fridays!), but we were still woozy and couldn't really eat.  We should have postponed the dinner since we both ended up having indigestion after that, thanks to the stomach bug!

Ah well.  I hope the week gets better.  Here's wishing everyone a great week ahead! :)

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