Friday, October 2, 2009

Thinking Thursdays: Conspiracies & the First Dog...

I've decided to take a short break from the usual household chores while baby J is napping. I'm not feeling too good from the cough and I've got a throbbing blocked duct that refuses to go away, and today someone has turned on the tap in my nose... Unfortunately, SAHMs don't get to take medical leave, so I'll just have to try to survive til tomorrow since hubby is on call today. At least baby J is much better and no longer cranky!

Anyway, I think that there's some conspiracy between the hubby and baby J. Hubby probably promised the boy the Thomas the Train set (which we bought last time as we were so fascinated by all the gizmos on it) at a later date if he would only do his big poops (which we have termed "bombalas", don't ask me why!) when his Papa is not around. So far, the boy always times his poops (which sometimes comes once in 2 days) when the hubby is on call, at work, or sleeping when he's post-call, so the hubby has rarely had to do his "diaper dad" duty. Same thing goes for the puking, he tends to puke when I'm alone at home with him, and I'm not very honoured by that exclusive privilege! Oh well...

And... speaking of the dad, baby J has finally started to say "papa"! We were getting a little worried as he would babble but not repeat those single words. Right now, he seems to be able to say "mama", "mum mum" (when he wants to drink milk), and "babapapa". I was so elated by the recent development, but the hubby was not impressed, saying that baby J doesn't know what "papa" means right now. Oh baby, papa may be harder to please, but you'll always be a champ to me!

Finally, before I go, I just had to share about this book we're currently reading:

Which Puppy? is a story about the excitement that followed after President Obama announced he was looking for a puppy for his daughters.  Seems like there are quite a few related storybooks on this topic, and hubby happened to grab this one off the shelf in the library. It makes good reading cos the illustrations are pretty nice (though not exactly the usual type you get in children's books), and there's humour mixed up inside the good storyline.  


  1. Ahhh! The joys of being a parent! And by the way thank you so much for your recent comment -it is definitely encouraging me to get to making some more things! I have missed out again this week - but have decided that it is a must next week!!

    By the way I think not doing household chores is a great idea - I try not to - whether I'm sick or not! - I make it time for me and feel much more relaxed and energised for it! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. Hey Verity!
    Yup, I've enjoyed reading all those "Making Mondays" posts!

    Oh... I'm trying not to stress about the housework, but it seems inevitable that they need to get done... :(



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