Monday, October 5, 2009

Saturday and Sunday. Summarized.

Six hours of lectures on spiders and stabilimenta.  The research on why spiders decorate their webs was pretty interesting.

Picture from:

Separation anxiety for baby J who was being cared for by my mum.  He cried at home, refused to nap, didn't drink much milk, and called for "mama" while looking at our wedding photo.

Sleeping because I was sick.  Hubby helped to take care of the boy...

Smeagol, the squishing of Sauron's servants and swords.  At least we managed to watch the first half before turning in for bed.

That was Saturday.

Sunday went something like this:

Sailor suit for baby J, which coincidentally matched the hubby's soccer jersey.

Serving in church as we were on duty, so we helped to sell lunch among other things.

Sashimi (swordfish, scallops and salmon), and shopping for socks for baby J (Hubby kept moaning about how baby socks cost more than grown-up socks).

Soldiers, more swords, and the splintering of Sauron's power, while baby J was napping. He woke up at the last bit and was fascinated by the show. Even the dog was watching...

Standing up: Another milestone reached by baby J as he was able to hold on to the sofa and stand!

Slow stroll to the library with baby J and the dog to return books.

Soup cooked by hubby for dinner.  Scrumptious!

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