Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday Made: V-formation

It is well known that geese fly in V-formation to reduce drag, thereby letting the birds fly further during migration. During the weekend, I folded paper cranes while watching "The Return of the King" and decided to string them up in a graduated V, and hang them up as a mobile above baby J's cot. Making this was easy: I used memo pad papers and some credit card pamphlet (for the lead crane) for folding the cranes, and threaded them using a large needle and fishing line. Then all the columns of cranes were tied to thin sticks (from Ikea) and the sticks were tied to form a triangle and more fishing line was used to suspend the entire structure.

Baby J's a little too old for a mobile, but so far he likes resting and looking up at the birds fluttering above him, and I think it'll make a great topic for bedtime stories next time!

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