Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thankful Tuesdays: A day with the crabs... & visit to school

Ok, this is late because I've been very busy yesterday and today, but I'll keep the "Thankful Tuesdays" title for the sake of alliteration (heh, told you I was obsessed!).  So, things that I'm thankful to God for:

1. The good weather so far, which allows for me to get enough data during research.  Good weather also meant that I managed to take good shots of the crabs yesterday when I brought along the SLR to the park.  :)

2. The very rare opportunity to catch a pair of the fiddler crabs mating, which according to my supervisor is uncommon to see.   (At least I think they were mating, gotta check with the sup!)  And of all times, it has to be the only day that I had my SLR with the telephoto lens, so I managed to capture it...

3. A nice walk in the park after research yesterday...

4. Baby J has almost complete recovered, and I'm much better... and the blocked duct has resolved, finally!

5. My mum, who has been taking care of baby J when I'm out.  She makes an effort to follow my schedule and methods, rather than do things her own way, which I'm very grateful for.

6.  A colleague (who took over my form class) who kindly asked me down to school today as my former form class was having a celebration as it was the last day of school for the Sec 4s.  It was nice to meet up with the boys again to just wish them all the best!  They were a really sweet form class...

7. Time spent catching up with colleagues when I went down today with baby J...

8. That though there were some initial problems with the hospital in China as there were some H1N1 cases, they've managed to find an alternative hospital to go to instead, so the trip is still on, just that some plans have been changed.

9.  Friends who are willing to take care of doggy when we are away.  Though most of those who were willing were not available during the period of our trip, I think we should eventually be able to work something out!

10. Hubby's 3 week ICU stint is over.  It was starting to take a toll on both of us.  Its not fun when he's on call one out of three days and doesn't come home that day (7 calls in 3 weeks is just nuts!), is post-call the next day and sleeps most of the day away, and is tired on the third day from the call.

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