Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weaning Wednesdays: Sweet Potatoes

This is gonna be short since I've gotta leave soon for the field.  Anyway, there's nothing much to update on the weaning process, just that we've managed to add one more new thing to baby J's diet: Sweet potato.  So far, he quite likes the taste (for once!) of the puree, but I've not tried the puree on its own yet, as I'm currently mixing it with a small amount of brown rice.  Most of the foods I've introduced have been mixed up with rice or oatmeal, as he doesn't seem to be able to tolerate the taste of a new food when introduced on its own, and either spits it out or coughs and chokes on it.  However, I've read in one of the weaning books that its important to gradually increase the amounts of the new food until the baby is used to its taste, so I've been trying to do that.

Anyway, for sweet potatoes, so far my friend recommends the ones with orange or purple coloured flesh (rather than the Japanese or white coloured flesh ones) as they are sweeter, while my mum says the purple ones may not be nice, so I went with the orange coloured ones instead, which indeed are very sweet and yummy!

Ok, gotta go and see the crabs!

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