Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday Made: Martha Stewart pom-poms as clouds

Hello!  This post is rather late since we had a busy weekend, and I also had lots of data entry to catch up on for my research.  Since I had really little time on Sunday to craft, I ended up just making these pom-poms from Martha Stewart (which took just 20 minutes to complete!), and hung them up as clouds to complement a paper hot-air balloon that Junior J has in his room:

You can get the instructions from the Martha Stewart website.  I've seen lots of these pom-poms hanging around in many nurseries featured on Ohdeedoh (like this one), and they are perfect as party decorations too:

Instead of just using them for parties, I thought they were perfect as "clouds" hovering around a hot-air balloon, so I made 3 (of 2 different sizes) to hang up above Junior J's reading chair.  However, I used white crepe paper (from Popular bookstore) instead of tissue, and used large paper clips instead of floral wire, and hung them up using fishing line.  Since I wanted the clouds to move around the balloon instead of staying in one place, I hung the two smaller pom-poms from a thin bamboo stick (from Ikea) and tied the stick (using fishing line again) to the ceiling hook used to hang the balloon...

Now Junior J not only has birds flying above his bed to look at, but he can sit in his chair and look at the clouds go by!  We spent a happy afternoon yesterday doing that actually, since it was raining outside...

Have a great week!

PS: If you don't have a paper hot-air balloon, you can make your own, by using a paper cup, and tying the cup to a paper lantern using string... (and painting it whatever colour that strikes your fancy!)


  1. hi,

    how do you hang it from the ceiling? :)

    1. Hi we use fishing line tied to hooks that are drilled into the ceiling!



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