Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday Made: Starting scrapbooking...

I mentioned that I attended my first scrapbooking class last Friday, and we got started on our first piece of work during the class.  However, I only finished the piece yesterday night, since I thought there were a hundred things wrong with it, and wanted to add this and that and make all sorts of adjustments.

Anyway, I enjoyed the class, yet found it bewildering in some aspects.  It was enjoyable since its a rarity to have time to just sit down and craft for a few hours when you have kids to take care of.  We got to learn about the various tools we could use, as well as all the stuff you can stick to embellish your work (before this class, the only "brad" I knew was half of the Brangelina couple!).  We also got to go "shopping" in the shop to pick out the papers and lettering we wanted to work with.  This was the part that got bewildering.  We were told to match the colours in our photos to the papers we used, and there were so many choices, so I wandered around rather lost since I had so many I wanted to choose! I also spent a long time shuffling the stuff around to determine the layout (and to make things harder, I had chosen a round piece of patterned paper, and I had no idea how to fit the stuff around it...).

I had wanted a more "boyish" theme to fit the photos, and tried to stay away from the more girly stuff like flowers.  So I was advised to add buttons... and I tried cutting out clouds from some leftover white paper, and using distress ink at the sides for fun:

Then I went digging around the box containing punches, and found the leaf and bird punches, and started adding birds and leaves, and I found a felt flower detail in the box of embellishments.  It was so pretty, yet not too pinky-poo that I caved in about my "no flowers rule", and ended up sticking some flowers too!

Since I've read on various sites about the importance of journalling, I added a little note to remind me where the photos were taken... just in case I should see this when I'm old and senile next time...

So this is the finished product:

Supplies: Patterned paper (Studio Basics Hooray Circle);
Felt Detail Embellishment: Lace (American Crafts);
Black Embellished Butterfly (Jenni Bowlin)
Thickers: Jewelry Box (American Crafts);
Cardstock Alphabets: Chocolate (Pink Paislee);
Jewel Brads (American Crafts):
Buttons (Brand wasn't stated).

What can I say?  I think I'm hooked! :)


  1. That's a great first attempt! Scrapbooking was one of the pursuits I wanted to try when I became a SAHM, even got some materials on hand. But somehow got so distracted by so many other pursuits that I never really got to do it seriously.

  2. Hi Rachel... Thanks! :) I guess its hard having to juggle so many things, plus the new website you've got! But do try your hand at it if you do have a bit of time, it's pretty fun! :)

  3. Good job Jus! Maybe try a less 'loud' backgroud paper in future to draw attention to your focal piece? But it's a good first attempt!

  4. Fabulous first try!
    I'm just really curious, how do you keep the projects when it's done? In a special album or frame? If it's album, how does it look like?

  5. Hey Jo, thanks! That was something I regretted, choosing such a busy background! Now I know!

    Hi Eileen, thanks! Err, I guess it can be either a frame or album. I think they have those with slip-in pockets like a clearholder, or perhaps they can be attached together to form a book using binding or something. Not really sure since I'm new to it, will let you know when I find out!

  6. very nice MamaJ!! wondering how are the classes there compared to Made With Love hehe...tempting to try their classes too!

  7. I don't think its ok for a first piece of work - Its excellent!

    I always want to learn Scrapbooking but I think I am lack of creative juices.

  8. Great work!!!
    This is the first time I read about this technique, I wonder if there´s something like this in Argentina. I will ask my watercolour teacher.
    I think you can make original and personal presents. I want to see more!!!

  9. Bingling: Thanks! Hmmm, I thought the class gave very little guidance... So MWL might be better. Maybe use the money for more scrapping materials or tools instead?

    Sunflower: Hey, you might want to give it a try and see how it goes! And thanks!

    Kira: Thank you thank you! Scrapbooking's becoming quite a popular hobby in Singapore, not sure about Argentina though!

  10. Hey!

    Firstly, thank you for popping-by my blog and leaving sweet comments. only now i'm able to sit down with a clear mind and start my blog-hopping!

    Next, that's a lovely LO (layout) you have there. especially for a first-timer. well-done!

    Oh, you can get those ring album to store your LO and many to come. ;) but i must really warn you first - this is a very expensive hobby!! be very prepared!

    I'm hooked and still very hook on this hobby since I picked it up 3 years+ ago. even set up a blog solely for it... (you can find the link on my blog ya)

    so, i'll be expecting more LOs from you ok? hee..

  11. Hi Rachel! Thanks for popping by! And thanks... I dare not get a ring album for now lest it calls out to me to "FILL ME!" haha... And yes, I'm already feeling the pinch, the scrap supplies are really so ex! I hopped over to your scrap blog, and I really love the creations you've made! :) Will scrap when I can find the time... :)

  12. your first attempt is certainly
    much better than mine XD

  13. Hello Jus!! =) Happy to know that you enjoyed the START class and Congrats on winning the American Crafts Challenge!! Great work for a first layout..hope to see more creations from you! =)


  14. Lindsay: Thanks! :)

    Nadine: Heee... :) Anyway, I really love your LOs!

    Merdrey: Hello! I nearly fell off my seat when I saw you commented! Thanks for all the advice you gave me during the class, I learnt lots!



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