Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thankful Tuesdays: 16 months of blessedness

Dearest little boy,

You turned 16 months on Monday!  You are fascinated by all sorts of everyday things that we take for granted...

... like the water gushing out of the pipe connected to the washing machine...

... to the "thunk!" that clothes pegs make when you throw them.

And of course, you still love to get your hands on plastic bags and scrunch them...

... which is the signal for the dog to run for it, since you always try to pat him on the head with the bag!

You have grown in many ways: In your appetite for food and books, in your willingness to show affection through little kisses (to us and to your bearbear), and in your ability to remember songs... You amazed me the other day by finishing up the words of the song "Macavity", saying "no neh!" (not there) in time to the CD that was playing.

This month was an eventful one, which saw you taking your first independent steps... and had you falling really sick with pneumonia.

I thank God that you've recovered from that, and I thank Him for how He's taken care of you all this while.  And of course, we thank God every single day for giving us the blessing that is you!

Your Mama


  1. What a beautiful post! I get so sentimental when I read these kind of posts. I know what you mean and I´m thankful for the same things.
    Children are incredible!
    I´m glad he is doing so well!

  2. These pictures remind me of when my boy was around that age 16-18 months! It was quite a major transitional period with many milestones then.

    Jr J is such a blessing indeed!

  3. Beautiful post! I promise it just keeps getting better! :)

  4. And you've captured the moments so beautifully!

  5. What a beautiful blog you have! And such sweet loving words to your boy! I am sure he will truly enjoy reading all your entries to him next time!!

  6. Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments! :)

  7. What a sweet post! Brings me back to the fond memories that I have when Kyle was Baby J's age. This age is so precious and so exciting, soon he will be surprising you with new words every day!

  8. My #2 is about the same age as J. He's a Jan baby too I supposed?

    This phase is oh so precious and adorable, the way they wiggle around in their diaper - super duper cute!

  9. Sweet post indeed! Wishing you more of such sweet moments in time/years to come :) Thanks for leaving comment in my blog :)

  10. Rachel and Rachel, thanks! Yes, I'm really treasuring this period, they seem to grow up so so fast! And yup, he's a Jan baby...

    Tin, thanks for popping by, and for the well wishes! :)



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