Thursday, January 26, 2012

Junior J's 3rd: Under the sea party packs

Hello!  Am back again to share about the party packs we did for the little guests for Junior J's party (details on the decorations here).  He got to choose, and invited three friends.  However, one could not make it, so we only needed to prepare  for three kids.  We started off by decorating plain paper bags, using another idea off Pinterest:

Foam stamps!  These were made using cut shapes from craft foam, and milk bottle caps.  Since the party was supposed to be a jungle themed one initially, we stamped leaves using paint.  Then he changed his mind, remember?  I didn't want to waste those leafy prints, so I made another foam stamp, this time in the shape of a fish, and got him to stamp fishes in red ink.  Since time was short, I lent the boy my glimmer mist and let him spray a little blue mist to make it look like the fishes were swimming among the seaweed in water:

We filled those bags with cheese dippers, apple juice and lollipops.  Then each kid got an under the sea scene with their name (I drew the stuff in using Crayola gel markers, which show up nicely against dark backgrounds)  and a pack of stickers:

Then when the kids arrived, they got to design their own ocean scene using stickers.  I laminated them when they were done so they could double up as placemats.  Only problem was that we had to get the stickers in a rush (since the theme was changed 2 days before the party), and the hubby only managed to find felt stickers... which resulted in air bubbles after we laminated it.  We just told the kids the air bubbles were to make the scene look more realistic! 

Oh, and those octopus balloons.  Junior J helped to make the tentacles by stamping these circular shapes on construction paper, these were supposed to be the suckers (the stamp was just some round plastic thing I dug out of our tool box):

Then the FIL helped to cut out the tentacles, and we pasted them on using normal scotch tape.  We added goggly eyes and a mouth, and tada!  An octopus with tentacles complete with suckers:

We made three of these, and the kids got to play with them and bring them home.  All in all, I think they had fun!

Click here to see what we prepared for last year's party packs!


  1. Wonderful decorations! Very inspiring!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Junior J! May you come to know God more and more each day and enjoy His loving presence always! My boy just had his birthday party few weeks ago and I had such a hard time thinking of how to decorate the place, what items to get for the goodie bags - it was stressful for me. I wish I have your creativity! Can I ask you to help brainstorm ideas for the next birthday party pls?

  3. K: Thanks!

    Ruth: Thanks! :) And sure thing, just drop me a mail when you are planning and we can brainstorm, it'll be fun! Pinterest is also a good place to trawl for ideas! :)



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