Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday made: Party packs

We just celebrated Junior J's birthday on Sunday with a whole bunch of friends... Am still editing and going through the photos, so I thought I'd leave "Weekend wanderings" til tomorrow, and just ramble a little about the little "party packs" we did for our guests for the party.  I remember how I used to love to attend parties as a kid and we'd get all sorts of yummy stuff in a bag... so for the kids I tried to pack some healthier snacks (since I know some mummies would be particular about the snacks their kids get to eat), along with some useful stuff to take home.

:: So for the kids they got this in a bag (sealed with a little thank-you note which Junior J wrote while I held his hand):

Little personalized sketch books for doodling, which I covered with some patterned paper,
and some jumbo washable crayons... along with munchies (raisins), and a drink (soy milk).
The girls got flowery books, the boys, polka dots. :)

:: Then there was one little 3 month old baby too.  Too young for snacks, and too young for doodling.  So this went in a little paper bag for her:

A bunch of cubes.  Some plain wood ones, which would be safe to mouth, and some covered with patterned paper (I used Sassfrass for this), and sealed with PVA glue, aka mod podge, which is supposed to be non-toxic...

Then I didn't want to leave the adults out, so they got this:

Paper bags filled with some sachets of herbal infusions and tea, sealed with a thank you note.
Again, I got the little boy to "write" the notes, while holding his hand.  Oddly enough, he was willing to write
those notes, almost 40 of them, after I explained what they were for... but I had to split the writing up across a whole week. :) 

I was hoping to teach Junior J how to thank others, so I hope writing those notes is a start.  He got to give them to the guests and say "thank you por comin" too... :)  I hope they liked the little packs!

What other stuff do you put in your party packs?


  1. Ooo those sketchbooks are adorable! My favourite's gotta be the wooden cubes though, such a simple yet brilliant idea.

  2. These look like fun party packs...I wouldn't mind getting

    I think I would print some digital images for the kids to nephews love the Some Odd Girl images.

  3. so thoughtful to personalize the party packs and got your little J to write thank u notes!

  4. Wow...I'm impressed on how you customized the party packs and goodies, that sure takes up a lot of time and dedication! Salute you from the bottom of my head!

    Wishing Baby J a wonderful belated Birthday!

  5. Very lovely! And a belated happy birthday to Junior J!!

  6. that's really creative! really like the PP covered wooden cubes :)

  7. I must have missed a great time! Meet up soon, when the hols are here! Hee.. :)
    Take care, you and Junior J.

  8. party packs are my favourite part of the party planning! i love your scrapbooks. they're so pretty! i try to get stuff to go with the theme. this year's theme for N's party was transport so i included a small book on transport (popular is a good source for affordable small books), car biscuits and a hot wheels car for the boys and car playdough molds for the girls. i personalise the bags too so siblings don't get repeats!

  9. Thanks everyone!

    E: We missed you at the party! We had to lock ourselves in the study to bind your album halfway through!

    Beanbean: Thanks for those suggestions, they were great! Will keep those in mind for the next party... :)

    Yvonne: Hey, printing images out to colour is a fab idea too, thanks for sharing!

  10. Hi there, I did a Google search for wooden blocks online and this blogpost came up. Can I ask where you purchased the wooden blocks from? Thank you!



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