Friday, January 28, 2011

Thinking Thursdays: Some updates

Like I mentioned in the previous post, we've made some progress on the home-learning front for the past two weeks, especially since I've a little more time to plan now.  Its still rather unstructured though, and I'm just adding things as I go along. :)  Right now, I've just introduced some activities to help with Junior J's fine-motor skills, and these also help to keep him occupied in the kitchen while I'm busy cooking. :) (The activities are listed on this page.)

Sorting straws into cups by colour

Then there's also the "bible lessons" we've been having.  I realized the little boy can't really grasp stories unless you read them to him over and over again (like the Gruffalo, which we've read about a million times already), so we've been reading bible stories and doing craftwork based on them to help the little boy know more about God (the activities again, will be updated on another page, which I'm hoping to update every week... ).  I'm also taking this opportunity to let the little boy experiment with all sorts of different art mediums.  We've started using oil pastels, and recently bought a pack of Crayola Slick Stixs (I got them here), which are crayons that glide across the page and have really intense colours... and I think the little boy is enjoying himself since he always asks to do "ark work" after meals. :)  Anyway, what are your favourite art mediums that you and your kids like to use?

Painting the sea, after referring to a picture book to see what colour the sea should be...

On a side note, remember my 30 before 30 list? I think I failed miserably, since I completed less than half the list when I hit the big three-zero... but then again, it may be because I gave myself only 2 months to attempt to finish!  So I'm going to dig the list up again, add more things and make it 31 before 31, haha. :)  Hopefully it gets done by the time I reach my next birthday...

Here's wishing everyone a blessed weekend! :)


  1. Jia you with the 31 before 31 list! :)

  2. hey there! thanks for dropping by my blog! wow, u're very very creative!!!!!

  3. You are still young, Justina! I am loving the shots of little J painting! So messy yet creative. (:

  4. Oh yes...u are still so young, there's still time. I am reaching my mid thirties and I have already have given up on setting aspirations on things that I should do before a certain age. Haha...don't want to stress myself or end up feeling disappointed, so I just try live a day at a time now and leave it all to Him.

  5. Very thoughtful of you to arrange activities for Baby J, thank you too... you have just remind me how much I have neglected my little boy! LOL!;D

    Btw, wishing you and your beautiful family a Prosperous Rabbit New Year!

  6. ooooo i LURVE your bible art lessonS! You're indeed one crafty mama, turning the boy's work into a fine piece of art! You've pop some ideas on my head-thanks!! MOre more more!! :)))

  7. Thanks everyone for the encouragement!

    Homeschool@sg: Glad you got some ideas, looking forward to see what you come up with! :)



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