Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: Trying not to worry

"Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labor or spin.
Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.
If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today,
and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, how much more will he clothe you, O you of little faith!"
- Luke 12:27-28

It has been a rather trying week.  My mum was unwell on Monday, hence she was not available to babysit Junior J on Monday, so I skipped German class... and the hubby was on call on Tuesday, which meant another full day with the little boy.  Today, the hubby messaged me to say he would be held up late as the operations list was running overtime, and anyway, even if he wasn't held up at work, he would have attended leader's bible study... so another night of just me and the little monkey again.

On Tuesday, I was rather happy that the little boy was cough-free (after that failed episode of using his puff outside the library), but he started coughing in the evening after our trip to the playground.  It got worse, so I tried to get the boy to use his puff, which failed miserably.  What used to be a rather easy task of putting him on our lap and singing songs while he breathed the meds has now turned into massive WWF fights, usually with us parents emerging as losers.  Currently it requires two of us to administer it successfully, with one of us (usually the hubby) holding him in a bear hug, and the other forcing the mask on him... so its really difficult to administer it when I'm home alone.  I tried all ways and means of convincing the boy to use his puff, and after 20 minutes of trying, the boy was in tears and very upset, and I was in tears too, and he barely breathed in any of the meds.  In the end, I had to resort to giving him ventolin syrup, which required some convincing before he ate it.

Then yesterday, the postman came and the hubby answered the door, leaving the middle door to the balcony area un-stoppered on the way.  Little boy, as it was his habit, ran after his Papa to investigate who was at the door, and I went after him to keep an eye on him.  It was a windy day, the middle door swung shut... and I reached the door to find the boy in tears as his hand was trapped in the hinge section when it swung shut.  His little finger was cut, bruised and bleeding, and swelled up quite a bit.  He spent the rest of the day gingerly moving his fingers and usually left that finger sticking out, while both of us spent it feeling awful and asking all sorts of "what if" and "why didn't you" questions.

On top of this, we've been trying to settle the little boy's birthday party that is coming up, and of course, there's spring-cleaning to be done for Chinese New Year.  So I've been feeling rather tired, and I admit I've been fretting about various things.  But I was reminded recently during my quiet-time about not worrying, and to keep trusting in God.  Also, I came across this quote in a blog post: "Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles, it takes away today's peace", which I feel is a really apt reminder for me now.

So I am thankful for:

:: God's faithfulness and mercy to us.  I've been making it a point to wake up early each morning to read the Bible, and each day I get reminded about how faithful and patient God is with us, and how we always have heaven to look forward to, where there will be no tears and painful little fingers.

:: The hubby, who helps out as much as he can to lighten my load even though he is tired after work.  He faithfully washes up after dinner every day when he's home, and baby-sat on Wed so that I could quickly finish up my over-due scrap assignment (which is finally done!).

:: The little boy, who may be difficult at times (like during meals and medicine-taking), but still is generally a pretty easy to care for little fellow.

Looking serious and not smiling as his mouth is full of grapes!

:: The funny make-believe scenarios done by the little boy:

His mini-kitchen, with an over-turned tray for a stove, and breakfast all laid out for Papa.
The telephone is nearby so that he can call his father once the food is ready.

:: The funny things the little boy says, like pointing to an Astro Boy toy, and saying "Naykerd!" (which I never realised until he pointed it out!), or asking to call his papa when he is on the toilet bowl doing his big business, so that he can tell him that the "poopoo is car-ming out!", or giving me a kiss and telling me "mama happy!".

:: Interesting children books, that captivate little minds over and over again...

:: Pleasant surprises, like winning a giveaway (Thanks, S!) and receiving a surprise birthday present for Junior J from a fellow crafty, bloggy pal (Thanks Y!).

:: That we've been making some progress with regards to home-learning for the past two weeks...

:: The sunshiney days that have been popping up between the rainy days. :)

So have you counted your blessings today?  What are you thankful for this week?


  1. So sorry to hear that Baby J's sick again..guess he's pretty allergic to dust, etc!

    Good that u reminded us again that God is still good - through the ups and downs in our lives.

    I'm grateful for family, for great friends and my huge scrapbooking supplies!!

  2. Hope Jude recovers soon!
    I'm thankful for the weekend, which spells restoration of quality sleep after 5 straight nights at the institution in the faraway land!

  3. awww, hugs sweetheart. Its one of those days- don't we all hate it! Glad you are able to see some rainbow out of it all. And yes, everything will iron its way out...the only fall you'll go through is falling into HIS hands. :)

  4. aw poor Junior J... i hope his finger heals soon....

    great post on thankfullness.

  5. Jo: Hee, heee... those things are always things to be grateful about! :)

    E: 5 nights! That's tough... but why 5 nights? I thought it would be 2 nights a week!

    Homeschool@SG: Thanks so so much. :) And yes, just one of those days, they will keep popping up, but thanks for the reminder that we can fall into God's hands!

    Ruth: His finger is better today, thanks! :)

  6. I love your vibrant pictures!

    I'm sorry for Junior J, that must have deadly painful for him... even adult can't care to get the little pinky hurt! Get well soon!

    LOL, love the inspiring quote too, thanks for sharing! I'm thankful for my happy and cheerful 2 little ones! ^-^

  7. love the last photo of little J reading! cute and nice to scrap tooo!!!

  8. The module had a guest lecturer, that's why! And had an assessment the following Monday.. But all is over, phew! :D

  9. Alice: Thanks! Yup, children tend to be on the top of our thankful list, yes?

    Pooi: I was thinking of scrapping it too, heehee...



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