Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekend wanderings: Just me and you

The hubby was on call on Saturday, so we decided to visit the water play area at Lower Seletar Reservoir Park on Friday evening (after reading nice reviews by other parents here and here).  Since it was a weekday, it wasn't crowded at all. :)  Junior J, timid as he is, was rather daunted by the fountains (but he finds the ones at the zoo even more daunting), so hubby had to carry him through the fountains:

Its a pretty nice place to visit if your kids like water play (which kid doesn't?)... and it's probably less crowded compared to other places like the zoo or Vivocity's sky park.  Aside from the fountain area, there's a shallow wading area, with watermills:

Junior J loved the wading area, and splish splashed around!

All that splashing was followed by a nice chat with Ah Ma on Skype at home:

Then it was off to work for hubby on Saturday, so it was just me and the little boy for the full 24 hours.  But even though we spent most of it at home, we managed to:

:: Donate a few bags of stuff for the collection by the Cat High boys, and sell off a whole pile of magazines and papers to our regular karang guni uncle:

A product of feverish spring-cleaning:  A pile of papers taller than Junior J,
an a photo to prove it! :)

:: Break out a box of beautiful new crayons:

:: Row a boat down the stream in a make-shift boat with a trusty wooden oar:

:: Prepare healthy veggie meals for a good friend:

:: Fix loads of puzzles:

:: Make general messes with "learning materials":

:: And general messes during meals:

:: Even mama made messes during naptime!

Then Sunday came, papa came home and it was off to church, Sunday school, and then lunch with little S and her parents.  Then since Junior J's birthday was on Monday, we decided to bring him to Sushi Tei in Thomson Plaza and have a dinner "celebration" since we had German class on Monday.  Little boy had lots of fun running up and down the ramps at Thomson Plaza:

:: And got to eat his edamame beans and fish roe (which he absolutely loved!), along with his fish pasta:

I guess it was a rather fruitful weekend.

Hope you had a great weekend too! :)


  1. wow, the pic of little j with food all over his face is hilarious! at least he feeds himself i still have to feed noey or he wouldn't eat.

  2. Lovely lovely slice of family life! :)

  3. Love all your photos, esp the water shots and the crayon shot! WOW! And I know how peaceful and therapeutic it is to just spend a whole day at home with the child, indulging in nothing but each other :)

  4. I like the crayon and paper pile picture!

  5. Thanks peeps... :)

    Beanbean: Actually we give him "finger foods" for him to feed himself, and then spoon in his porridge in between, otherwise its impossible to feed him! He doesn't have the patience to feed himself and finish up an entire meal...

    Beauties in Our Lives; Yup! Sometimes its just nice to spend time at home!

  6. hi mamaJ, I am comforted by Junior-mess-lunch-on-my-face pic, luckily my kids are a little bit "cleaner" haha. TQ for mentioning us in Lower-Seletar :)

  7. Andy: Oh, then you must be glad that your kids are cleaner! He's really messy, but if he doesn't get to self-feed, he doesn't eat. So no choice! No prob, hubby used your post to get directions actually!

    Levine: Thanks! :)

  8. We love lower Seletar as well, especially on weekdays, its so quiet and peaceful.

    Happy Belated Birthday to Junior J, been so busy lately I'm trying to catch up on your blog posts :)



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