Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It was like any other day...

... where you woke up, called for "Mama? Mama?  Mama coming...", wished bear-bear "Good morning, bear bear" and then ran off halfway while changing out of your jammies to play:

We bused down to the library, but it was closed so we hung out at the playground while you conquered "mountains"... You started coughing so like any other time, I tried to give you the puff.  You struggled, and cried and refused to get puffed (something that has been happening recently), while other people sitting outside the library stared and probably wondered if I was trying to poison you with arsenic or something.  In the end, we prayed and asked God to make you better and to make you brave enough to use the puff, and you said "AMEN" (but refused the next round of the puff anyway).

Like any other day, you spent your time at home pottering around playing and singing your own funny songs (The latest one goes "Gong gong go work x 3, Gong gong come back early...), while I cooked lunch.  You did your usual "Where's juju?", while grabbing my legs and hiding behind me, followed by hysterical laughter everytime I turned and said "there you are!".  You also tried out the new activity after I explained it to you (slotting rubber bands on a stacking ring base), and also thought out of the box with old activity materials:

Formerly Junior J would take the coloured straws from the container and
sort them into different cups according to colour...
Now he tried stuffing the straws into the sliding door ledge!

Like any other day, you didn't co-operate during mealtimes (ok, not any other day, but its been a week so far of very messy meals and very little eating).  We thought you might be sick of porridge and graduated you to eating meals "just like mama's":

... but that apparantly didn't work since you barely ate, kept the food in your mouth, and spat it out at the end.  Scoldings didn't work, since it just led to more temper tantrums.

But like any other day, difficult though you may be during mealtimes... you were quite the regular good little boy.  You diligently helped mama pack stuff into paper bags, and did "clean-up time" when you were asked to.  You wrote your thank you notes, ran off with my piles of laundry asking me to "keep clothes!", and also enthusiastically finished your craftwork for the day... At bedtime, you made me read "The Gruffalo" and "The Gruffalo's Child" for the 200th time, while chiming in for the last word for every sentence (Papa was at German class, and I stayed home with you as Porpor was sick, so it was just us for most of the day).

Yesterday was like any other day.  Except yesterday was special, because it was the day you turned two.  Two!  How time flies, and now you are a "big" boy (who's still pretty small for your age thanks to you being a mealtime monster)!  While the terrible twos are now here officially, we just want to say we love you... and Happy Birthday, my sticky monkey!  Happy playing with your "prea-sant"!

Your Mama.

This was actually his Christmas present from us, but we ration his toys, so he just received it.
He loved putting the people into their seats, and making them climb up and down the steps...
... as well as throwing them to see how they rolled around
Which led to me having to talk to him sternly about not throwing his toys, and a mini tantrum,
but it was followed by a "sorry" and no more throwing.

Buses are good for carrying fruits too!


  1. Happy Birthday Jude!! May this year bring u good health and blessings many flow!!

  2. Wishing your little boy a blessed birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Junior J^^.

    btw MamaJ, asthmatic kids tend to lost appetite... like hy. we have to do it one at a time: heal the cough then improve the appetite.

  4. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes for the little boy! :)



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