Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday scrapping: Ah kong's album

Hello... this week has been awfully tiring, hence the silence over here.  Junior J has still been waking up a couple of times a night, and Baby J has been pretty fretful these days, so I've had my hands full.  Some days I'm so tired, that my patience runs dry 20 minutes into the kids waking up, and Junior J's tantrums and mealtime antics have been most trying.  However, there have been highlights too: Junior J being able to ride his Strider (he used to always ask us to push him, but today he rode his bike to the playground and back with hardly any help from me at all), baby J being able to grasp toys...

I guess the nice thing about scrapping is the reminder to cherish those little moments, amidst all the challenges of raising kids.  So I'm hoping to get some more scrapping done before we leave, like baby J's first year album, and perhaps a couple of mini albums to bring along with us when we move, to record our moments there.  That will take some time, so meanwhile, here's some photos of the Ah Kong's album as promised:  

There were plenty of nature elements inside his album, since he is a nature lover, and loves to bring Junior J on long walks where they gather twigs and leaves...

I must say I simply love the Tim Holtz tissue tape with all those butterflies:

And again, the album folds up nice and small (4 inches by 4 inches) so that it fits neatly into his bag.  Click here to see the album made for Ah Ma!

Ok, here's to a blessed weekend, and hopefully a better week ahead!  (And speaking of which, I have been de-stashing to prune my scrap stuff before we leave.  That means another giveaway, so stay tuned for it tomorrow!)


  1. Ohhh, lovely ! The details and smiles are so beautiful! Congratulations!

  2. How about MS punches for loan?

  3. What cameras model do u use, mama J?

  4. Nice.. Uncle must be so happy! :)

  5. Euphoria: Thanks! :)

    Eliza: Hahaha... I think I'll be passing them to a friend!

  6. Carol: We are currently using a Canon 5D MarkII, mainly with a 50 mm, f1.4 lens. Just curious why you are asking? But nowadays, most of the shots were just snapped using Instagram on the iPhone... :P



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