Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday scrapping: A few things

Hello!  Here's a sneak peek at an album I'm currently working on.  I'd love to share more, but the hubby forgot to pack the USB cable for the SLR, so I'll upload the pictures next time when we've gotten a new cable!

We still have loads of boxes.  I'm hoping to use them for art and play... someday!

Things at home are slowly settling down and we have most of the furniture that we need.  Almost everything has been unpacked and my mum will be going back this weekend... meanwhile, Junior J has been busy drawing and drawing and drawing.  He draws rainbows and jellyfishes (a circle with loads of lines radiating out!), then pesters us to stick all his drawings on the walls.  They do help to make the place feel a lot more like home!

We've managed to settle our visa extension today as the hubby took leave.  Baby J needed photos, so we used the photo booth which allowed us three tries.  The first attempt had baby looking away.  The second had him blinking, but thankfully we managed to get something acceptable on the last try!

Ok, have a blessed weekend and hopefully we'd get that USB cable soon so that I can dig out all those photos stuck in the camera!


  1. hello there!
    Glad that you are settling well..... take care!!


  2. Baby J looks so cute! That's a great passport photo =) Hope everyone's settling down great =)

  3. He looks great, serious but funny. I hope to see more pics soon. Have a nice weekend!

  4. I couldn't help smiling at baby J's pics. His blur look and funky hair! :P

  5. Glad to hear that u are settling well in Germany and have time to get back to doing scrapbooking. Baby J looks so cute in the passport photo, he is so chubby :)



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