Thursday, September 27, 2012

Grateful Gatherings: That man I married

We first met when we were in university. He was actually studying in the faculty next to mine.  However, our paths never crossed until we both signed up for a missions training programme organised by our Christian fellowship. We were split into various teams, which were then sent to different countries on mission trips. I was put in a team of five, and he was one of my team mates.

My first impression of him wasn't too great, this guy with scruffy hair, whose eyes seemed to disappear whenever he smiled. But as our missions training as a team progressed (and it was pretty intensive!), we found that we got along very well. We had similar interests, being nature lovers and bookworms, and could talk to each other about everything under the sun. He helped me as I struggled through my studies, coaching me on various topics, since some parts of what we were studying were similar (for biochemistry, that helped, but my neurobiology was just way beyond help of any sort!). He stayed up to chat with me on ICQ when I was up cramming, and those "uhoh!" sounds were a welcome distraction.

However, one of the rules for the training programme was that team members should not get into romantic relationships with each other, so as to reduce distractions, as well as not to affect team dynamics. We remained as friends, and went for the mission trip as part of the team. We spent three plus weeks teaching English at an orphanage and living among the locals. It was a life-changing trip.

We came back as friends, and life went on. We still chatted. We had suppers at Fong Seng, and he taught me how prata tasted way better if you mixed sambal chilli into the curry. We went shopping for fish for our aquariums (he had a 2 foot tank in his hostel room, while I had jars and jars of fighting fish in mine).

Then it happened. After a band performance (I was playing in the alumni band for a concert, and he had come to support me), his friend accidentally mentioned that I was actually more than a friend to him. We sat at the Singapore River for a talk, and we officially became a couple.

Fast forward to today, with the wedding and two kids later, and I still thank God for giving me this man.  He takes care of me, and is one amazing father to the two boys.  He may no longer paint cards for me, but he shows his love in other ways.  He does the dishes every night and clears up the mess in the kitchen (made by me), knowing that the hard water and detergent gives me rashes.  On nights that he is too tired to do so, he wakes up early to do them!

"Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be obtained."    - C.S. Lewis
Love is an action word.  It is putting the needs of others above yourself.  And I am thankful for all that love I've experienced in that man I married.

What are you thankful for today?

Mum in the Making

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a nice story. With a love music playing in the background as I am on way to school, it makes an exceptional sweet read.

    Clearing up kitchen mess and allowing sleep-ins, are good trade-offs for hand-painted cards :)

  2. Wah allergic to detergent! DRATS I should have used this excuse on the hubby!!! Lol

    Such a nice story :)

  3. Nice to meet your other half in mission trips and doing things that both of you love :)

  4. Doing the dishes n clearing the mess - definitely a keeper! Mine does that for me too even tho I wun get rashes :P

  5. Yes, lovely! Agree that it is a good trade indeed! :) Sigh, this story reminds me of my NUS days too :)

  6. What a lovely and loving story! Thanks for sharing! It puts a smile on my face.

  7. That's very true, love is putting the needs of others before our own...and sometimes this is difficult to do, which is why it can be challenging to love as we ought to. Thank for sharing your love story...I was blessed by this! :)

  8. Action speaks louder than words, how true and touching. :) Lovely story, lovely husband you've Jus!

  9. "Love is an action word. It is putting the needs of others above yourself."

    This is so true. We all need to be reminded often that love is not just a feeling, it IS an action word indeed.

  10. I love it!! It's all fated isn't it. Can you imagine f that friend didn't blurt it out that your hubby had the hots for you?

    Doing the dishes is such a great way of contributing to the home. For us, I cook for my family because I love the kids and the hub, and he shows his love by keeping everyone out of the kitchen (especially himself) while I cook, and doing the dishes after! If he can ;)

  11. So sweet! :) A little surprised you would share the details here... Remind me of the days when we were back in NUS. Glad you have met such a wonderful life partner. :)

  12. A lil late, but thank you everyone for the kind comments!

    Yes, the hard water over here makes for bad rashes since I have dry skin, so I'm really glad for helping hands wrt dishes. Angie and Adora, its great your hubby does the dishes too!



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