Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Grateful Gatherings: I don't know about tomorrow

The baby has given us a couple of scares lately.

During our France trip, we visited Monet's gardens. While we were walking across one of the bridges, baby J threw up on the hubby and Junior J. We thought he was having one of his episodes of reflux. We cleaned the boys up, and discussed if it was something I ate that triggered it. The baby seemed fine after so we continued on our stroll.  Then we walked across the same bridge later, and he spat up again! The hubby then thought it might have been a reaction to the smells of some flowers planted around the bridge. It was only when we left the gardens, and sat down at a nearby restaurant to have dinner, did we find the cause: a dead leaf wedged inside his mouth, that was causing him to gag.  Somehow, the little boy had managed to pick up a leaf when we were not looking, and stuffed it inside his mouth!

Then during our walk to the Lourve, we put the little boy in the pram and gave him one of his favourite toys, a little wooden cat that he had received from a shop in Belgium.  He loved gnawing at it, but it was made of unfinished wood and its arms and feet were securely glued on, so we never had any issue with regards to its safety.  15 minutes into the walk, and I peeked into the pram to find the little boy fast asleep, holding the cat.  However, the cat was missing both its hands (both were round wooden beads) as well as a foot!  We found its foot in the baby's mouth (gasp), and had to dig it out.  Baby J was sitting on one of the cat's hands, and the other was missing.

Baby co-sleeps with us, and one night he fell asleep "upside down", with his tiny feet facing the pillows.  After putting the boy to bed, I left the room to settle some chores, and the hubby, who was exhausted that day, stumbled into bed, didn't check the baby's position and pulled the quilt over himself (and totally over the baby!).  Thankfully, the boy woke up crying soon after, and I went in and found him covered by the quilt.

After these incidences, I cannot help but be thankful for the reminder, that while we try our best to be vigilant and careful parents, we cannot control everything that happens to our children.  And that while we don't know about tomorrow, or even what will happen the next moment, we do know who holds our tomorrows, and who holds our children's hands.

What are you thankful for?
Mum in the Making


  1. I know how it feels! We've also had one scare too many. That is where our maternal instincts kick in. :) But it will be better soon once baby J is older.

  2. I had too many gaging encounters with baby doll! The worst when she kept chocking, crying & wouldnt stop. I had to call my hub who usually is very calm, & I got him panic his pants off! I turned baby around & kept slapping her back as hard as I knew how. But that probably made her cry even louder hahahaha! Yes, I thank God for the protection even when I haven't been vigilant!

  3. Adeline: I hope so, too many of these heart-stopping moments! :P

    Homeschool@SG: Amen, so thankful for God watching over our kids! And hahah, the way you put it sounds like me... some days I make the hubby panic too!



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