Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Grateful Gatherings: Walking together

Its autumn now, and its been getting colder these days. The weather has been rather gloomy, with many days being overcast or rainy, but when we can, we pile on the layers and head out for walks.  It feels good to just get out, despite our freezing hands, and it gives Junior J some much needed time to run about.

I'm thankful that we get to walk together, the boys and I.  We watch workmen lowering buckets over the scaffolding and learn about gravity, we poke at different coloured berries in the bushes.  We spot squirrels, and geese flying overhead in V-formation.  Junior J picks flowers and pinecones, and tells me stories which involve lots of animals shouting and chasing each other.  We stop at sunflowers, drooping heavy with seeds and bring a couple home (some are white and some are black, and we've not seen those typical ones with stripes).  And at night after dinner, the hubby joins us.  We arm ourselves with a torchlight, and go tramping down darkened streets, while baby J jibber jabbers along.

Winter is approaching, and I wonder if we'll be able to get out as often then, but meanwhile, we're enjoying those walks together.

What are you thankful for?

Mum in the Making

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