Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thankful Tuesdays: Fall

Autumn has been flighty and rather indecisive, but yet beautiful in its own lovely way. There are gloomy days, where it rains and we are stuck indoors. The air is cold and fingers go numb. Those days are the ones we stay in bed, and it takes all our willpower to crawl out from under the warm covers. 

Then there are the gloriously sunny days, with clear blue skies. The air no longer holds its finger-numbing chill, but retains its crispness. 

Those days are wonderful. Just to take a stroll by the lake, seeing the ducks and the geese paddling by, the sail boats in the distance.

Those days are perfect for heading out on our bikes, hearing the whirr of the wheels and the crinkle-crunch of the leaves as you pedal.

Those days are great for little explorers, to trudge through the ever-growing piles of leaves...

... and to relish the simple pleasures of jumping into those piles.

This week, we give thanks to God for autumn, and all its colours and beauty. We're just waiting for all of us to get well so that we can head out to enjoy more of fall's gloriousness!

What are you thankful for this week?

Mum in the Making


  1. love love love! all your photos. :)

  2. Too beautiful. If only Singapore has such views too.

  3. Autumn is my absolute favourite season! SO gorgeous, and just a splendid testimony to our maker.

  4. Wow, the simple pleasure of just jumping into a pile of leaves.. That is wonderful. I wish we can do that here in SG, not much dried leaves to begin with..

  5. Adeline: Thank you! :) And thank you for linking up!

    Mummy J: Thanks! And yes, I guess its a different sort of beauty when it comes to the tropics!

  6. Littlebluebottle: Amen! :) I think it is spring for me when the flowers start bursting forth, but fall comes in a close second!

    Geraldine: Hahaha yes, true... guess we'll have to make more leaf piles and enjoy it while we can!

  7. I love fall ... beautiful pictures :)

  8. Lovely! Im still waiting to see such colours in my area!

  9. Justina, you sure have an eye for good photos. Love all of them.
    What I'm thankful for this week? A short workng week. Whoohoo!

  10. Hai Fang: Its such a lovely season isn't it? I'm sure you have loads of pictures taken during fall when you were overseas?

    Lilsnooze: :) The golds and reds should appear soon, I'm sure? You'll have fun soon!

  11. Susan: Thank you! It was easy, with such beautiful scenery! And YES! Have a blessed long weekend... enjoy!

  12. Such lovely photos of fall...enjoy the 4 seasons while u are still in Germany. Having that variation of beautiful sights during the changes of weather sure beats having only run and shine, and only extremely humid when u are back in Singapore.

  13. Rachel: Yes I agree, I think we'll miss those variations when we are back home. But definitely not the cold weather! :)



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