Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesdays: A full basket

Life with sick kids means the laundry is never ever done.

The baby has puked on us at least once a day for the past few days. The dirty clothes, the soiled onesies, the sleeves sticky with food, they pile up faster than our very small washing machine can spit out. Then they lie draped about on various pieces of furniture in stages of drying (we have no dryer and the temperature outdoors is below 20 degrees).
As I was getting frazzled and frustrated, I read this:
"In her insistence upon getting things done, on living an ordered life, my mother managed to miss out on the nourishing aspects of family life and life in general: laughing at silly things, lying spooned on the couch with your beloveds, sharing good food, the tactile delight of giggling children crawling all over you. Without this, family life is an endless series of menial tasks: counters and noses to wipe, dishes and bodies to wash, whites and colors to fold, again and again in soul-sucking succession."

Anne Marie Feld (from this article, via Evelyn)

Priorities indeed. And then I am thankful I have a full basket. Laundry-generating, mess-creating bodies no less, but still, two little boys to love.

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  1. That's a refreshing thought.

    I guess sometimes in our pursuit of being 'one of those mums' who can do it all, it's easy to miss out on these little moments that make life what it is.

  2. You know what, for me even with healthy kids my laundry seems to never get done lol! I mean, i just hate laundry so much!
    I am linking up with Sakura Haruka's WW party too :)

  3. So true! Even as OCD as I am, I rather have a messy house than no kids!

  4. Serenely: Yes, many times we forget in the midst of doing it all, juggling it all... I'm glad for all the reminders to enjoy the journey! :)

    Rina: LOL I understand! I try folding the clothes while watching shows, which helps a little ;)

  5. Madeline: Hahaha... but at least your house is NOT messy, going by your latest post! ;)

  6. Love this post! Great reminder. And the mess -- that's just abstract act created from life! :) It takes a long hard look and a bit of thinking, but we all soon appreciate it for what it is. Grin.

  7. Libpuritan: :) That's a nice way of putting it, I'll try to remind myself that the next time I freak out about housework! :)



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