Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thinking Thursdays: Kitchen FAQs (and tap tutorial)

Hello!  I've been getting some questions regarding our cardboard kitchen, so I've decided to answer them in a blog post:

:: Where did you get all those boxes?  
We've purchased quite a few pieces of furniture from Ikea, and are constantly buying books from Amazon, so we saved all those boxes.  If you're in Singapore, you can also talk to the folks at the supermarkets like NTUC and request for boxes.

:: Where did you get those pots and pans?  
Those are from a children's cookware playset, produced by Goki, an affordable German toy brand. Do note that these were pretty small, so Junior J didn't fit much into those pots! 

:: I've had people worrying that their kids would wreck the kitchen since its made of cardboard. For our version, the hubby had ensured everything was reinforced with more cardboard (like the shelves, as well as with cross-bracing for the counter itself). Thus far, our rather violent 11 month old has been hitting it and climbing on it, and the counter still is intact.  Cardboard is pretty strong!  (But I've kept him away from the tap though!)

:: Speaking of the tap that can turn, I've had requests to explain how it was made, so I've done up a short tutorial here.  All you need are toilet rolls, a scissors, and tape (we used kraft paper tape):

Hope this helps!  And before I go, here's some more cardboard-y inspiration for you:

:: Sarah has compiled a couple of useful links to making cardboard crafts.

:: Here's a great compilation of some cardboard constructions you could try, including a petrol pump and a castle!

:: I'm thinking of making this toy slot box for Baby J to play with.

Have fun creating with cardboard!

PS: We've chosen a winner for our book giveaway!  Hop over here to view the results!

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