Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday Surfing: Inspiration for children spaces

I love looking at homes and how people decorate them, and years ago, I used to borrow old copies of "Home & Decor" from the library, and even saved up my pocket money to buy interior design magazines. However, many of these feature lovely rooms with renovations that have five-figure sums, and designer furniture that I could never afford. So imagine my delight, when I found a whole treasure trove of design blogs that were bursting with photos of lovely spaces, which I could enjoy for free with just an internet connection. An added bonus was that many of these sites included DIY projects, which do not cost an arm or leg to do!

Since we're on the topic of children's spaces, I thought I'd share those that I regularly read for inspiration on children's spaces. Some may be familiar to you, and if you do have other favourite design sites, do share by leaving a comment!

Photo source: Apartment Therapy

:: Apartment Therapy used to have a site dedicated to kids named Ohdeedoh, but that has now been integrated into the main site under the Family section. I love looking at the children's rooms and seeing all that love and tiny details that go into each space!

Photo source: Design Mom

:: Design Mom has a "Living with Kids" series that showcases family homes. It's nice reading about these spaces, which come from all over the globe. And these house tours are proof that kids and their messes can coexist with lovely living spaces!

Photo Source: Young House Love

:: I like the house tours over at Young House Love as well. Like this really neat storage solution (I think I see Harry Potter!) for books and toys!

Finally, I was quite intrigued by this book by photographer James Mollison. Entitled "Where Children Sleep", it contains stories of children around the world, told through pictures of their bedrooms. A picture does paint a thousand words, and you can view some of the photographs from the book here.

How about you? What sites do you visit to get inspiration for children's spaces?

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  1. Where Children Sleep made me realise how lucky our kids are.

    I love bright open rooms. How wonderful that the kids' room is the brightest one in our house!

    Ps I see you managed to sneak in a globe pix hehe



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