Saturday, November 17, 2012

{Small Spaces} Isadore's little study area

I find Trofast boxes from Ikea extremely useful for storing the boys' toys, and we use them back in Singapore, as well as over here (and they are lots cheaper than the other options that we have here in Germany!). Today, Connie shares how she keeps her son's toys and books organized using these boxes, and lets us take a peek into her son's study area.

Connie blogs about her two kids here, and this is how she describes herself: I'm a full time working mum of two kids and a blogshop owner. A sociable and outspoken person who loves to make friends. Don't ask me how I juggle time, ask me how I am enjoying my life!


In my humble abode, this is the way I had organized my children's items at home. Up till now, this corner contains mainly of Isadore's items.

Other than using the shelving from a branded company, I also clearly labelled each of the boxes in order to encourage Isa to read and also to sort out his own toys.

Labels are meant to be simple.

Then inside the big containers, I also sorted out toys into different ziplocks.
I do not label the ziplocks to prevent confusion.

A bagful of petrol kisok related toys, a bagful of chuggington toys, a box of Lego and so on.

In another big box are the uncategorized big items such as the trucks and etc

Before the revamp, the boxes were basically stacked on top of one another.

After the revamp, what we did was to purchase the shelving units that could fit the boxes.

This shelves contain mainly toys.

As for books, I mainly place them in a bigger version of this storage series. You should be able to spot it in the next picture to come.

This is one of the corners of my house in which the study tables are placed next to one another.
No particular rationale behind it, but since Papa's table is right there, it would only make sense that his son's table is beside it too, right?

The blue box that is next to the coffee table contains Isadore's storybooks.
Books are also available under the coffee table. Messy you might say.
But my philosophy of reading: books should always be near and should always be available to children so that they can read anytime.

There, the main role of the day. I think he was trying to doodle something.

There it is. My humble Study Living Area in my small apartment.


Do you have a child's space to share? Do drop us a note at john(dot)jus(at) if you do, and  hop by later for more in our Saturday Surfing post!


  1. great idea to keep the work space for kids and adults together.. motivates the kid to study with daddy and mummy! haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. We tried inviting poppy to our work area but she was too distracting so we moved our work area to her play area instead!!



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