Friday, November 16, 2012

{Small Spaces} A pee space

We've seen all sorts of children's spaces this week, but I think this space is rather unique, since it's a pee space! All types of toilet-going implements abound when it comes to kids, from colourful potties to child seats on regular toilet bowls... and there's even a "Cheer for me potty" that sings and comes with a flush and toilet roll holder. For us, we opt for the standard el cheapo plastic potty that you purchase at the market, but this mother (who prefers just to be known as Nerdymum) will be sharing with us something quite different.

Nerdymum's a full-time studying mum who (unfortunately) has realised that going back school didn't give her more time with the kid, but only made her more sleep-deprived and a lot poorer! Her blog is about the crazy things sleep deprivation can make one do. It pretends to cover topics on parenting, marriage, cooking and science, but really is just a portal to disguise the many daily rants a Mum is entitled to.


I really couldn't resist when Jus came up with "Small Spaces", and asked for us to share a bit about our child's space. I really couldn't resist. So here I am giving you a sneak peak (literally) into the little guy's space! His pee space! When we started toilet training the little one, we had the somewhat regular potties (a grand total of 4 - those traditional red pot to teddy-bears to those that cheer when you, erm, poop). After a while, sitting down peeing didn't quite cut it. After all, all real men (big or little) pee standing up! So we went right for the real thing. Pee like a real man!

I thought long and hard. I needed the potty to be situated strategically. Near enough for the young man to rush to. Convenient enough for him to take a leak before leaving the house. Then I found the best spot! Hanging in front of Daddy's bar-trolley...

It seems cruel to risk those precious single malts but a urinal is not a potty. You cannot just place it at the corner of the room / house and expect it to be functional. The height of the kid has to be taken into consideration for him to be able to direct a normal trajectory of liquid spray. Using a giant cable-tie allowed the hanging height of the urinal to be adjustable. Plus a protective plastic sheet in between potential spray and precious whiskey. That's all for setting up! Easy peeeeesy! Oh and to ensure Daddy doesn't get lazy and use the kid's urinal, it is a good idea to place it right at the door! In full view of the neighbours!! :)
Unfortunately that is the only spot we could find to hang the urinal.

 Honestly? I love this miniaturised urinal. I think it allows the kid to be in control of when he needs to pee. Daddy thinks it is important that real men pee standing up (Male ego perhaps?) so this allows an early transition into manhood! Every time I see this little not-so-private personal spot of the kid, I beam with joy (Daddy with relief) knowing he is peeing like a real man!

Our little man!
(This is an old photo when we were experimenting with spots to hang the urinal.)


Do you have a pee space just for your child too? If you're interested, you can purchase the same mini-urinal over here and here.

Have a child's space to share? Drop us a note at john(dot)jus(at)gmail(dot)com... and I hope you've enjoyed this week's small spaces. Come by tomorrow for a peek into another small space... this one's a study area!


  1. I have two girls, so I've never seen something like this! So cute I must say!

  2. This orleng thing looks popular. can consider buying for my boy :) Out of point: I have the same bear pj, keke :P



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