Thursday, November 15, 2012

{Small Spaces} J & K's shared room

We'll be moving baby J over to Junior J's room when we move back to SG next year, so I've been thinking of how to fit an extra bed into the room. Today, Jasmine shares her boys' bedroom, and I think you would be amazed at how neat the entire room is. Everything seems to have its own place, and I also love the extra little touches that Jasmine has added into the room to make it special!

Jasmine is a mother of two boys who believes it is more important that her kids chase their own dreams instead of chasing paper. She loves crafting and solving everyday problems with fresh ideas. She owns an online gift shop and blogs about living life meaningfully at Gift Wrapsody.


Hello there! My name is Jasmine and I have two young boys, J & K and this is their room. 
The photoframe above their beds was a very special gift from a friend. Together with the scrabble tiles, this forms the focal point of the room when you enter. This always makes me smile.

Now let's head towards the bookshelves. Our boys love reading and we normally, read a couple of books before bedtime each night. J is 7 years old and loves reading on his own. His bed is right next to the bookshelves which gives him easy access.  

As he reads so much, I decided to insert a standing light next to his bed to ensure that he had a well-lit place to read while being propped up comfortably by pillows. I'm still trying to train him to read with the right posture.

K is the younger of the two and he currently sleeps in his baby cot with one side removed. The boys love chatting at night before one of them dozes off. 

The little giraffe is a soft toy that K has had since he was a baby. He recently found it and decided to attach it to the side of his cot where it used to hang when he was small. Isn't that just sweet?

On the other end of the room, you will see a row of shirts. I chose to have all the shirts hung up 'cos that means less folding for mummy which is always a good thing.

Where are the toys, you may ask? Flanking the opposite side of the room in familiar IKEA are their boxes of toys, mostly Lego. We are big lego fans.

Finally, in a little corner of the room, is a small table and 2 chairs that have formed the base of many a battle. If you are wondering where those chairs are from, I purchased them from IKEA and painted them white and added the dragonfly.

And that concludes the tour. Thanks for visiting our small space!


Do you have a child's space to share with us? If so, drop us a note at john(dot)jus(at)gmail(dot)com, and we'll have it featured on the blog! And hop by tomorrow for a child's space with a twist. It has to do with potty training, but no, it's not in the toilet!


  1. Lovely room, Jasmine! Love how it's so clean and white! What a fresh looking boys room

    1. Although I try, it doesn't always look this neat!! It is a boys room after all. This is how I would like for it to stay :)



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