Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Made: Our Chinese New Year Lapbook

We've been learning more about Chinese New Year and the Zodiac calendar last week, and made another lapbook! Again, we recycled book depository packaging, and covered the front with white paper. The boy has been experimenting with Blopens (these pens that allow you to blow ink out through them), and we used a dragon stencil to decorate the cover.

And here's the inside of the lapbook:

We learnt about the Chinese Zodiac, by reading a book ("The Great Race", by Dawn Casey) and watching two videos on the topic ("Chinese Zodiac Story", as well as part of Vol 3 from the Taoshu DVDs).

Then the boy pasted the animals (printed from here) to their correct names in English, and then he learnt their names in Chinese and pasted those down too. (You can get the name printables from our FB page!)

He then had fun spinning the zodiac wheel (from here) to figure out the years in which each family member was born (the years are pretty small so I guided him a little):

We then filled in a little flipbook with the details of each family member (you can print out the arrow for the zodiac wheel as well as the text for the flipbook using our printable), and also added photos for each member too!

And finally, we did a little snake to fill up the space next to the zodiac wheel, since it was going to be the year of the snake! Junior J did some messing around with paints, then added the tongue, eyes and scales when the paint was dry. :)

I'm planning to let Junior J take a couple of photos of various CNY traditions when the time comes (eg. receiving red packets), and we'll slot those photos into the red packet that we stuck in the lapbook!


  1. such a great idea.. love the dragon made with the blowpens!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. What a fun lap book especially with the zodiac animals spinning wheels. I like the personal touch in helping kids identify the zodiac animals of each family member. This lap book is a great way to introduce CNY to the young ones, thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Lovely ideas! I was hunting down a wheel for Noey to play with as he showed some interest in finding out which animals of the zodiac each member of our family was born under. Will be printing this one out and I know we'll have fun with it together!

  4. Thanks for sharing your lap book ideas. Another creative piece :)

  5. Lovely lapbook! Really like the blopen cover. Thanks for stopping over my blog :)

  6. I love this! I'm going to copy some of these ideas too!

  7. Love the ideas! Gotta find time to do with my boy.



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