Thursday, June 12, 2014

Play: Hoola hooping!

During our recent stay in Penang, we took some time to go shopping for vintage and old-school items. Hoola hoops were on our shopping list, and we wanted to buy rattan, and not plastic ones. These brought back memories of physical education lessons which involved these hoops: from throwing bean bags into them, to hopping from hoop to hoop. 

The boys simply loved the hoops, and spent an entire afternoon playing with them. It was a joy to see how such a simple thing could result in so much fun. They pretended to be dogs performing at an animal show, and jumped through the hoops. They swung from the hoops, with the help of their Ah Kong. 

They learnt how to spin them, using their arms, or their waists.

They jumped from hoop to hoop, and went again, and again. And again. 

It's pretty amazing, these hoops. Which reminded me that kids tend to delight and find the most fun in the simplest of items. They need boxes, and sticks and balls, because these are the things that allow for the most creativity and freedom of play!


  1. Such beautiful buys! I didn't get to shop much in Penang. Ate more haha. Look forward to seeing your other finds :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Yes, my girls love these too! We have two plastic ones, one with a rattle-y sound inside. The rattan types sound amazing, and very green!



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