Friday, July 25, 2014

Chalk: Constellations

This week, we extended on the topic of outer space by looking at the stars. So we filled up our blackboard wall with constellations! Junior J initially insisted on adding only those with animal names, based on the "Zoo in the Sky" book we were reading (which is a great way to introduce constellations to kids). Then as we went along, we added other commonly known constellations like the Big and Little Dipper (we learnt that the Little Dipper was also known as the "Little Bear", while the Big Dipper was part of the Great Bear), as well as Orion. 

Aside from referring to "Zoo in the Sky", we also looked at "Find the Constellations" by H.A. Rey (if you think that sounds familiar, he's one of the authors of the original Curious George series). I really enjoyed reading the book: it manages to simplify the topic for children, yet covers throughly the main concepts of understanding the stars, from the stories behind their names, to discussing sky views and light years. If you only have time to read one book on the topic, this is the book. Do note: it is pretty wordy, but can be paraphrased for the younger children to understand, and kids would probably remember the constellations much better after looking at the drawings in the book. (Note: The links to the books are affiliate links, but at no extra cost to you!)

Constellations aside, it has been a pretty tiring week. Hubby has been working pretty late most nights. We had the mandatory visit from someone from the Residents' Committee, to find out why Junior J wasn't registered in a kindergarten yet. She came by at night when we had just finished dinner, and I wonder what she thought, since she tripped over books by the door (we were working on the blackboard and had left the books there), there were dinner dishes and piles of books on the dining table, books and toys scattered all over, and hubby was in the room trying to change a screaming baby into jammies. Thankfully though, the older two boys were busy at the table drawing and were kept out of mischief, and we quickly managed to finish filling in the forms to state that we were not intending to send Junior J to school. 

I guess I better start working harder at decluttering and organizing, since we'll be expecting a home visit next year when we apply for exemption from compulsory education. It does seem a little unreal sometimes, when I see everyone posting updates about Primary One registration and getting rather stressed or excited about it... and I realize that we will not be part of this exercise next year. That being said, it also gives me a sense of liberation!

PS: We will be updating our blackboard most weeks, so you can read all our blackboard related posts here

PPS: Thank you for all your support, and voting for us for the blog awards! I'd be honoured if you'd continue casting your votes for us, over at this site. :) Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Mandatory RC visit? Heh I think I mentioned to you before that when Layla was 5+ we received two letters from the MP in charge of our zone asking to meet up, and offering us a complimentary picture book. I wrote to decline both, but perhaps they didn't push for a visit because I also said Layla would be entering K2.

  2. Oh! Forgot to add that the blackboard work is awesome!



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