Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thinking aloud, and a thank you

I sat down just now, intending to write up a post on the books we read about the solar system. But there were so many thoughts churning around in my head I felt I just needed to think aloud over here:

:: Life at home has been pretty full. We've been managing our time a little better, and now we manage to squeeze in some English and Chinese reading each day. Lil J now asks to do Math when he sees his brother doing his lessons, so we've been practicing counting. The boys play pretty well together, and nowadays, the baby tries to join in the fun. Lil J isn't too happy with him drooling on the toy biscuits or grabbing his construction vehicles, but Junior J has been most happy to play with baby J. I love watching them hang around each other, and I am loving this noisy, messy reality which we call family.

:: The terrible twos have been quite a challenge. Gettting Lil J to nap these days usually takes time, and sometimes gets frustrating. But on days that he senses you are getting angry, he flashes his smile at you and tells you sweetly that he loves you. Also, the boys can also get up to all sorts of mischief, like finding my spray bottle and leaving large wet puddles of water everywhere, including on the piano. Home design these days has been less about aesthetics, and more about functionality. And about keeping everything that may be used to damage other things out of their reach. Like spray bottles, or permanent markers.

:: There are so many things I would like to do with the boys. And there are so many projects I would like to work on, and so many ideas I want to try out! These days I find that there seems to be more and more balls to juggle. I am reminded that I need to simplify, remember my priorities, and keep focused. So this season, we focus on getting our rhythm of learning going. And making our home and learning spaces work for us.

:: Getting into the finals of the Singapore Blog Awards has been such an eye-opener. Friends and family telling you they are voting and rooting for you. Learning that our little Thankful Tuesday linky helps to remind others to count their blessings. Having people write in to say they are encouraged, or wanting to know more about homeschooling.

For me, the past few weeks have already made me feel like a winner. For me, just knowing that these posts might make a tiny difference is all that matters when it comes to blogging.

So I really want to say thank you. For voting, for your encouragement, for just popping by to read or leave a line or two. All your kind words, your support, these matter and have blessed me so so much!

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  1. Little puddles of water: check. Wanting to do so many things at once: check. Not wanting to nap: check.

    Hey it's my house! ;)

    You are not alone!



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