Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Made: Toilet paper roll rockets

We've been learning more about outer space and the solar system, and we made ourselves some rockets! These are easy to make: 

1. Cut out circles in a toilet paper roll using a scissors. These don't need to be perfect circles! Get the kids to cover the outside with washi tape (ours were from 3M Scotch, as well as from Daiso), or they can also paint them. 

2. Print out photographs of the kids, cut them out and fit them inside the toilet roll, such that their faces can peek out of the windows. Secure the pictures using more washi tape.

3. Cut strips of crepe paper and glue/tape them down to the base of the rocket.

4. For the top of the rocket, cut out circles using construction paper, and cut out a "slice" from the circle. Bend the circle such that both straight edges meet, and stick the edges together using glue or tape. Stick the tops down to the rockets using more tape. 

And there you have it, your very own rocket to explore the universe! The boys especially love them because of the crepe paper streamers. Have fun if you try this!

PS: If you'd like to have a go at crafting with tape, you could try signing up for the family workshop organized by 3M Scotch, where the family can have fun together crafting with tapes:

 Scotch Make Amazing Workshop
Date: 2nd August, Saturday
Time: 2 sessions (1000-1200 or 1300-1500)
Cost: $20 per family (you will receive a starter kit of 3M products worth $40 to craft with)
Venue: Food for Thought @ National Museum

You can sign up here. Oh, and don't forget to join our giveaway for Scotch expressions tapes (and post-its)... the giveaway is ending soon!

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  1. Those rockets with the boys' faces look cute! And your black board really comes in handy for such show-and-tell. :)



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