Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I've been thinking hard about the year ahead. What do we want to achieve as a family? What do I want to achieve in 2015? And the one word that came to mind for the past few days is:


I've been feeling the intense need to prune. To cut down, to weed away the unnecessary. To scrape away what might just be rotting away. It doesn't apply just to our possessions, but to various aspects of our lives. Our schedules. The stuff we do. The things we say. The time we spend on doing various things. Bad habits.

So for the first half of 2015, "prune" is going to be my one little word. I am currently decluttering our closets (read here on why starting on clothes is a good idea). After those closets, I hope to tackle our books (that would be tough though). I've been spending a lot less time online (more about pruning the blog in another post), and getting more sleep in general.

All in all, pruning can be somewhat painful, but I think it does trim away so that growth can happen. And pruning can be liberating, because it makes you realize that what you do have is enough, and where you are is enough.

Do you have a little word for the year ahead? What's it going to be?

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