Friday, January 16, 2015

Our Week: Solo parenting

It has been quite a week. The FIL fell really ill over the weekend. The doctors had no idea what was the matter, and the hubs ended up flying up and arranged for him to be transferred to another hospital. It turned out to be leptospirosis, and thankfully he responded with a course of antibiotics and is now on the mend. We spent the week praying and are so glad that things are now better!

The hubs was away for five days, and it was my first time solo parenting since the arrival of baby J. Lil J missed the hubs very much, and woke up many times each night, so between the baby and him I was sleeping really little. Thankfully my parents chipped in to help when they could, so we more or less managed.

Because I was spending most days walking around like a zombie, we kept things simple at home. Junior J still had his afternoon lessons with me, and that was more or less it. We just had our regular jaunts to the playground, and lots of pottering at home. Oh, and the kids went with their co-op for a visit to the stables, where they got to feed horses and a donkey. They also learnt how to groom and ride a pony, and learnt how the horses were cared for.

We did work a little on an old project: building a cardboard model of the human body. Junior J is most fascinated with the topic, and hopefully we'll be able to share the completed model soon!

One of the afternoons when Junior J was feeling tired, we opted to declare it a school holiday and did origami instead.

We folded giraffes, and Junior J wanted to fold a dimetrodon. We tried following the instructions online but got stuck, and I was rather frustrated and wanted to give up. The boy took a look at our half-completed versions and told me not to worry, and proceeded to colour and draw in details so that they actually ended up looking somewhat like dimetrodons. His optimism and creativity never fails to warm my heart. :)

Anyway, I'm really glad the hubs is back, and that it'll be the weekend soon! Have a blessed one!

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