Monday, January 5, 2015

Onward 2015

Hello 2015! I must say I'm looking forward to you. 2014 was a year of adjusting with 3 littles, and I must say it was rather tough. Now that baby J is older, I'm hoping things would be a little easier. Here's to more learning, more exploring, and more growing in the year ahead!

I know things have been really quiet on the blog for the past two months or so. I guess there haven't been many noteworthy things to write about, and I was feeling rather tired about the whole blogging thing. We've recently been on an overseas trip with two other homeschooling families, so I've been focusing more on being with family and friends. (Baby J really enjoyed his time at the beach. He makes a bee-line for the waves like a baby turtle, and isn't fazed when the waves splash on him!) It's been a refreshing break being away from the computer, but I am looking forward blogging regularly in the weeks to come. 

Have a blessed week, folks!

1 comment:

  1. So super cute! He's a really brave little one! I can't imagine my kids doing that, much as I'd love them to!



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